Resources for Environmental Chemistry (C-ID CHEM 105) and Environmental Chemistry with Lab (C-ID CHEM 106 B)

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Chemistry 105 – Environmental Chemistry (C-ID CHEM 105)

OER Textbooks for Chemistry 105

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Chemistry 106 B – Environmental Chemistry, with Lab (C-ID CHEM 106B)

OER Textbooks for Chemistry 106B

  • Introduction to Environmental Science (Zehnder et al.; 2015) (CC BY-NC-SA)
    Text is available for download as Word files. End-of-chapter questions and terms are available.
  • Green Chemistry and the Ten Commandments of Sustainability 3rd Ed.(Manahan, S.; 2011) (CC BY-NC-SA)
    End-of-chapter problems and a set of PowerPoint slides accompany this text.

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