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Upcoming OERI Webinars and Events

The ASCCC OERI provides professional development regarding OER via webinars, visits to colleges, events, and presentations. During the academic year, weekly webinars provide a forum to share discipline-based information as well as information on specific topics related to OER advocacy, adoption, and development. Live webinars provide an opportunity for the OERI to hear from faculty at the colleges and our archived webinars serve as a useful library of resources. During the Fall 2021 term our weekly webinars are Fridays at 10:30 am, beginning on September 10.

Beginning November 2020, the ASCCC OERI will provide automated captioning for all webinars and OER Liaison events (i.e., conversations, orientations, and webinars). If you would like to request a live human closed captioner for any of our offerings, please contact us by e-mail at least 10 business days in advance.

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  • OER and the Hesitant – Testing the Waters

    Friday, September 24, 10:30 – 11:30am

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    While some faculty may choose to dive into the deep end when adopting OER, others prefer to approach the shallow end first. Every OER adoption is a unique journey and may be attempted in a variety of ways. Of course, floaties are available. How do you dip your feet in the OER world by just adopting a chapter or an assignment? Where do you find quality resources to buoy your plunge into OER? Join us for this invigorating swim into the waters of OER.

Archived OERI Webinars

All formal OERI Webinars are archived. In the event that a webinar is repeated, one archive will typically be made available. If you are ever interested in the slides used for a webinar, please contact us.

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