OER Development Platforms

During the course of the OERI’s first Request for Proposals, training was arranged for grantees on the use of 3 platforms:

Follow up surveys regarding the experiences of these grantees indicated that most were pleased with the platform they had selected. Additional information will be gathered following the conclusion of the second Request for Proposals. It is the ASCCC OERI’s intent to ultimately support a single platform and the availability of support for the use of LibreTexts, as well as its freely available features, has caused us to encourage its use. LibreTexts is unique in both serving as a platform for remixing/developing OER and as a host of dynamic content that facilitates faculty customization. Furthermore, faculty who wish to remix OER that is not readily available in an editable format can request that it be “harvested” by LibreTexts.

Read more about LibreTexts.