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OER need not be electronic, although “open” and “online” are often confused. Given that accessibility is often an issue with online resources and there are many reasons that a student may want a printed version of an online text, it is a best practice to provide students with the option of purchasing a printed version of their text. Depending on how the resource is licensed, “profiting” from the creation of a printed resource may be prohibited. It is, however, appropriate for the costs associated with printing, shelving, and selling to be recouped. While some colleges have established model approaches to making this happen, others struggle with ensuring options for printed OER are available.

Printing and OER – One college’s guide to printing your OER.

Working with your College-Based Printing Service

Working with your local printing services and/or your bookstore may be an option. In some instances, there may be concerns regarding the printing and selling of a resources that is OER.

Print-On-Demand (POD) Services

Various providers will print your OER for you. When selecting a POD provider, be sure to confirm the associated charges and the expected time for the resource to be delivered. The services provided by the various providers will vary. Note that the source of your OER may also offer a print option (e.g., OpenStax, LibreTexts) that is integrated into the platform housing the OER.

  • Montezuma Publishing – Housed at San Diego State University, this POD provider understands OER and the appropriate distinction between a for-profit bookstore and an OER-provider.
  • Lulu Printing – Create, publish, and sell your books for free.
  • BR Printers – A great option for bulk purchases as they have reasonably priced color and fully bound options. 
  • Amazon Print on Demand