OER Developers

ASCCC OER Development Guide – Coming Soon

Although designed for faculty developing OERI-funded resources, we hope the ASCCC OER Development Guide will be useful to all faculty OER developers.

Accessibility and Universal Design

Before initiating the development of any OER, it is important that you understand accessibility and attributions. Whether you are writing a resource or curating a collection of resources, building with accessibility in mind is always preferable over having to modify your work after it has been completed.

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Attributions and Licensing

Ideally, you begin your OER development work with existing OER. And, even if OER is not available, you will be using resources that you will need to appropriately recognize. In addition, you need to understand the various licenses that can be applied to OER in order to understand what you can – and can’t – do.

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OER Development Platforms

If your OER project is the creation of an OER text, building in a platform developed for that purpose can put a wide array of resources – and support – at your fingerprints.

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OER Publishing and Printing

Resources for Ancillary Development

Developing a test bank for Canvas? PowerPoints for sharing? A homework system or interactive exercises for concept review? Access Resources for Ancillary Development here.