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Beginning November 2020, the ASCCC OERI will provide automated captioning for all webinars and OER Liaison events (i.e., conversations, orientations, and webinars). If you would like to request a live human closed captioner for any of our offerings, please contact us at oeri@asccc.org at least 10 business days in advance.

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ASCCC OER-Related Resolutions

Please access the ASCCC OER-Related Resolutions page for the complete list of all of the adopted resolutions related to OER – many of which were authored by OERI. If you have any questions, or if there is more that the OERI can to do support your local advocacy efforts, please let us know. (oeri@asccc.org)

At the ASCCC Fall 2018 Plenary Session, a resolution (17.02) was adopted that called on the ASCCC to “…urge local academic senates to identify a local OER point-person to act as a liaison to facilitate OER-related communication between the college and the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges.” The establishment of local OER Liaisons is an integral component of the OERI. As explained in the ASCCC proposal that secured five years of funding for the OERI, the OERI’s goal is to support local college OER efforts by creating a network of OER Liaisons that serve to connect local colleges to the OERI and centrally-hosted OER-related support systems, ensuring an effective means of communication between the OERI, available resources, and the system’s 116 accredited colleges.

It is the OERI’s goal to support OER Liaisons so that they may serve as advocates by taking an active role in increasing local OER awareness, adoption, and support. The ASCCC is pleased to provide a stipend to each college’s OER Liaison, provided the specified expectations have been met. OERLs are asked to use the OER Liaison Tracking Sheet to record their liaison activities and to share their OER-related wins, expertise, and needs. As an OERL, you have a designated Regional Lead who is your official point of contact for the OERI. If you are unsure who your regional lead is, please contact us.

OER Liaison Expectations

All OER Liaisons are required to attend an OER Liaison Fall 2024 Kick-Off, live or archived. All will be delivered via Zoom. Attendance at a live session is encouraged. Live sessions to be determined.

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During the course of the OERI’s 1st round of OER Liaison (OERL) Orientations, we received many suggestions for additional resources that the Liaisons were needing and we heard a pretty basic question from some of you – what should I be doing if I am an OERL? As our OERLs come to us with a range of experiences, we reasoned that we should develop or identify resources that honor that – and meet you where you are at. With that in mind, we offer the following resources tailored to our beginning, intermediate, and advanced OERLs.

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OERL Intermediate

OERL Advanced


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