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In Spring of 2019, the ASCCC OERI selected its first round of funded OER projects. This short-term opportunity provided California Community College faculty with an opportunity to obtain funding for an OER project that would serve faculty (and students) across the state. As this was our first round of funding, a lot was learned from the endeavor and the lessons learned informed our work moving forward now. If you have any questions about any of the projects, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Your questions – and feedback – are more than welcome. If you’d like to be informed when updates are made, please self-enroll in our Canvas resource. If you are looking for all the projects funded by the ASCCC OERI on LibreTexts, check out the Open Educational Resources Initiative Open Resource Repository on LibreCommons.

Since then, the ASCCC OERI has completed a total of four funding cycles (RFP I – IV) and is currently on its fifth round of OER development (RFP V products will be available in 2024). All finalized projects are listed in the table below.

The information in these resources is intended solely for use by the user who accepts full responsibility for its use. Although the author(s) and the ASCCC OERI have made every effort to ensure that the information in this resource is accurate, openly licensed, and accessible at press time, the author(s) and the ASCCC OERI do not assume and hereby disclaim any liability to any party for any loss, damage, or disruption caused by errors or omissions, whether such errors or omissions result from negligence, accident, or any other cause.

Please find the list of projects selected for funding as a result of each request for proposals below.
ASCCC OERI RFP V Funded Projects (2023-2024)
ASCCC OERI RFP IV Funded Projects (2022-2023)
ASCCC OERI RFP III Funded Projects (2021-2022)
ASCCC OERI RFP II Funded Projects (2020-2021)
ASCCC OERI RFP 1 Funded Projects (2019-2020)

Please bring direct any correspondence regarding these resources, including any errors and changes, to the attention of the Academic Senate of California Community Colleges OER Initiative via e-mail (

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All Completed OERI Supported Resources

DisciplineProject TitleAuthor(s)DescriptionCourseLicenseRFP
AnthropologyExplorations: An Open Invitation to Biological Anthropology Second Edition and AncillariesLara Braff, Beth Shook, Katie Nelson, and Kelsie AguileraSecond Edition of "Explorations: An Open Invitation to Biological Anthropology" and updated ancillaries including lab activities, presentation slides, and test banks. Test banks and PowerPoints for the first edition were developed in the OERI's first round of funding.C-ID ANTH 110 (Introduction to Biological Anthropology)CC BY-NCRFP 1 and 4
AnthropologyPerspectives: An Open Invitation to Cultural Anthropology, 2nd edition; Perspectives PowerPoints - downloadable ZIP fileLaura GonzálezThe 2nd edition of "Perspectives: An Open Invitation to Cultural Anthropology" and ancillaries for the new edition.C-ID ANTH 120 (Introduction to Cultural Anthropology) CC BY-NCRFP 1
AnthropologyDigging into Archaeology with Activities: A Brief OER Introduction to Archaeology with Activities - LibreTexts; Digging into Archaeology: A Brief OER Introduction to Archaeology with ActivitiesAmanda Wolcott Paskey and AnnMarie Beasley CisnerosThis book is intended for use in a variety of introductory archaeology settings, such as in lectures and lab courses. This text can complement an existing traditional text or completely replace a standard text. It can be used for its activities or as a study resource. C-ID ANTH 150 (Introduction to Archaeology)CC BY-NCRFP 1
AnthropologyBeliefs: An Open Invitation to the Anthropology of Magic Witchcraft, and Religion - Pressbooks; Beliefs: An Open Invitation to the Anthropology of Magic Witchcraft, and Religion - LibreTextsAmanda Zunner-Keating, Madlen Avetyan, and Ben ShepardThis is a revision of the original text with expanded subchapters.The Anthropology of Magic, Witchcraft, and ReligionCC BYRFP 3
ArabicIntroduction to ArabicHana Kassas, Dr. Layla Bahar Al-Aloom, Sameera Murtada, Maysaa Toma, and Roula AonehThis is a textbook equivalent to support Introduction to Arabic. It includes interactive activities.Introduction to ArabicCC BYRFP 4
Art HistoryA World Perspective of Art AppreciationDeborah Gustlin and Zoe GustlinAn OER text to cover world art on a timeline from prehistoric to modern times with an emphasis on female artists.C-ID ARTH 100 (Understanding Art/Art Appreciation)CC BYRFP 1
Art HistoryArt History GlossarySheila P. LynchGlossary for SUNY’s “Art History and Appreciation I” that was developed by Lumen Learning. This Art History glossary is available in Canvas Commons. If the provided link does not work, please search “ASCCC” in Canvas Commons to find all ASCCC OERI resources.C-ID ARTH 110 (Survey of Western Art from Prehistory through the Middle Ages)CC BY-NCRFP 1
Art HistoryIntroduction to Art History ICerise Myers, Ellen C. Caldwell, Alice J. Taylor, Margaret Phelps, and Lisa SoccioAn OER Textbook for Survey of Western Art from Prehistory through the Middle AgesC-ID ARTH 110 (Survey of Western Art from Prehistory through the Middle Ages)CC BY-NC-SARFP 3
Art HistoryA World Perspective of Art History: 1400 CE to the 21st CenturyDeborah Gustlin, Zoe Gustlin, Rae Agahari, Alison Holmes, and Michelle GregorThis textbook is inclusive, diverse, and equitable to provide a culturally responsive overview of art. The textbook includes other voices than the standard top European/Western art found in most documentation. The textbook also provides the interconnections in time sequences of the different societies to understand how the cultures, history, and art cross time, centuries, and geographic regions from ancient times to today. C-ID ARTH 120 (Survey of Western Art from Renaissance to Contemporary)CC BYRFP 3
BiologyHuman Anatomy Textbook and anatomy PowerPoints (request access)Whitney Menefee, Julie Jenks, Chiara Mazzasette, and Kim-Leiloni NguyenThis textbook isolates anatomy components of the Anatomy and Physiology OpenStax text. The purpose of this textbook is to serve as a resource for students who are taking a first semester human anatomy course. All efforts were made to ensure the material covered in this resource is consistent, accurate, and accessible. This material was also designed to be equitable, diverse, and inclusive.C-ID BIOL 110 B (Human Anatomy with Lab)CC BYRFP 2
BiologyGeneral Botany Lab ManualMaria MarrowThis project includes 23 completed labs. Each lab includes formative questions, learning objectives, an introduction to the topic, activities, diagrams and images, and summative questions that can be detached and turned in. It also includes an introduction to botany and description of how to interpret the structure of each lab, a month-long experiment, including a rubric for a lab report, a 27 page glossary, two dichotomous keys, a template for evolutionary profiles of organismal groups, an online database of slide images and diagrams.C-ID BIOL 155 (Botany/Plant Diversity and Ecology)CC BY-NCRFP 1
BiologyComprehensive Botany Textbook and A Photographic Atlas for BotanyMelissa Ha, Maria Morrow, and Kammy AlgiersThe text is an expansion of the Introduction to Botany book by Shipunov available in LibreTexts. The photographic atlas includes labeled microscope images, models, and specimens commonly used in a botany laboratory.C-ID BIOL 155 (Botany/Plant Diversity and Ecology)CC BYRFP 2
BiologyHuman Biology text and general resources in Canvas Commons; Human Biology (Wakim & Grewal) in LibreTexts.Suzanne Wakim and Mandeep GrewalPrintable version of “Human Biology” by and populated Canvas shell with text, interactive quizzes, homework assignments, worksheets, and activities. Text includes increased representation of marginalized student groups. Human BiologyCC BYRFP 1 and 2
BiologyOER Visual Aids and Artwork for General BiologyGreg Ponomareff, Anthony Gordon, Paola Ceccarini, Nick Hui, Dani Malacas, Hannah Patrick, and Maggie Mora-ReyesOER Visual Aids and Artwork for General Biology – OER visual aids (each of which may contain multiple visual elements) that are customizable for different levels of biology (introductory or majors) for important, commonly taught biology concepts. General BiologyCC BYRFP 1
BiologyOpenStax Microbiology ancillaries (request access)Mandeep Grewal, Monica Guhamajumdar, Helmut Kae, Ying Liu, Jorge Martinez, Michael Matiasek, Sheri Miraglia, Matthew Schweitzer, and Vanja VelickovskaQuizzes and activites to support OpenStax Microbology text.MicrobiologyCC BYRFP 2
Biology/Environmental Science Plug & Play Science: Engaging Lecture Vignettes For Flipped & Digital Biology and Environmental Science/Studies CoursesMary PoffenrothA series of 12 original high-quality videos for digital biology and environmental science courses. A transcript and a set of multiple- choice questions accompanies each captioned OER video.Digital Biology and Environmental ScienceCC BYRFP 1
BiotechnologyIntroduction to Biotechnology Lab ManualDenise Foley, Danielle Alarid, Jo Wu, Anson Lui, Emalee MacKenzie, Kathy Takahashi, Kim Rosales, Erika Vazquez, and Elliot ValdezA comprehensive lab manual which includes the following: 20 laboratory exercises including a project, a project-based set of exercises involving genetically engineering a plasmid, transformation, protein expression and purification, study questions embedded in each exercise, and a glossary of terms.C-ID BIOT 101BX (Introduction to Biotechnology with Lab)CC BYRFP 1
BusinessBusiness Law: An Open Educational ResourceEmily Jill Lynch, J.D.An OER text-equivalent for Business Law/Organizations, Introduction to Law, and Legal Ethics. Accessibility and attributions still need to be addressed.C-ID BUS 125 (Business Law) CC BY-NCRFP 1
BusinessInformation Systems for BusinessLy-Huong T. Pham, Tejal Desai-Naik, Laurie Hammond, and Wael AbdeljabbarThis book will introduce the concept of information systems, their use in business and emerging trends, discuss how information systems can be used by firms to sustain their competitive advantages. It also describes how information systems help connect people globally, and how individuals may use it for your personal and professional career developmentC-ID BUS 140, (Business Information Systems, Computer Information Systems) and C-ID ITIS 120 (Computer Information Systems, Computer Concepts, Information Technology Concepts)CC BY-NCRFP 2
ChemistryVideo mini lessons for General Chemistry coursesMark BlaserStep-by-step video video lessons for General Chemistry problems and concepts.C-ID CHEM 110 and CHEM 120 (General Chemistry for Science Majors)CC BY-NC-SARFP 1
Career Technical Education (CTE)Workplace Safety for US Workers textbook; Workplace Safety for US Workers workbookKimberly Mosley, Suzanne
Engelhardt, William Oneil, Paul Vanhulle, Joshua Oneal, Roland Oneal, and Greg Ling
The textbook first considers the history of work in the US and the intersection of social, economic, and environmental justice issues that undergird the included Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) safety standards all workplaces must follow. It then goes on to provide a conversation level discussion on specific OSHA safety standards that is easy to consume and digest. The workbook complements the Workplace Safety for US worker textbook and is meant to provide "hands" on activity and reference material to aid understanding of workplace safety standards and the bases for those standards.Various CTE programs including Automotive, Welding, Construction, and Public Health Safety.CC BYRFP 3
Communication StudiesArguing Using Critical ThinkingJim MarteneyA 12-chapter OER text-equivalent for Argumentation or Argumentation and Debate.C-ID COMM 120 (Argumentation or Argumentation and Debate)CC BY-NCRFP 1
Communication StudiesInterpersonal Communication: Context and ConnectionHilary Altman, Ph.D., LMFT; Kristine Clancy, Ph.D; Elizabeth (Liz) Coleman, M.A.; Liz Encarnacion, M.A.; Angela Hoppe-Nagao, EdD, M.A.; Anu Khanna, Ph.D.; Karyl Kicenski Ph.D.; Victoria Leonard. M.A.; Alex Mata, M.A.; Rebeca Moran, M.A.; Brielle Plump, M.A.; Tiffany Ruggeri-DiLello, M.A.; and Kimberlie Yee, M.A. Interpersonal Communication: Context and Connection provides an engaging overview of interpersonal communication grounded in theory, research, and practical application, with an eye to the lived experience of college studentsC-ID COMM 130 (Interpersonal Communication)CC BY (unless otherwise noted)Facilitated*
Culinary ArtsFoundational Cooking Methods (mp4); Foundational Cooking Methods with Michael Frigm on YouTubeMichael FrigmApproximately 44 short videos (approximately 2-5 minutes each) where each of the foundational cooking methods or principles typically covered in a theory class are demonstrated.Culinary ArtsCC BYRFP 1
Child DevelopmentChild Family Community: The Socialization of Diverse ChildrenMichelle DeJohnette, Michelle Harper, Tyrone Ledford, Nicole Porter, Elizabeth Romero, and Cindy StephensA revision of an existing text to include diverse cultural and ethnic perspectives and discuss issues of equity in early childhood including anti-bias and anti-racism, gender bias, and LGBTQ voices.C-ID CDEV 110 (Child Family Community)CC BYRFP 3
Child Development/Early Childhood EducationOER Student Performance Assessments and Rubrics for Child Development and Early Childhood Education Courses (Request Access)June Millovich, Kaitzer P. Puglia, Laura Manson, MaryBeth Miller, Cindy Stephens, and Christina SmithAssignments with coordinating rubrics and/or assessments for each of the eight CD/ECE C-ID Courses aligned to the course objectives/outcomes.C-ID CDEV 100, CDEV 110, ECE 120, ECE 130, ECE 200, ECE 210, ECE 220, ECE 230CC BYRFP 2
Child Development/Early Childhood EducationInfant and Toddler Care and DevelopmentAmanda Taintor, Todd LaMarr, Wendy Ruiz, Martina Marquez, Adrienne Seegers, Amy Carnahan, and Emily ElamOne textbook in the LibreTexts platform to support the following Curriculum Alignment Project (CAP) expansion courses: Infant/Toddler Development and Infant/Toddler Care and Education.Infant/Toddler Development and Infant/Toddler Care and EducationMixed - View each page for licensing informationRFP 3
Early Childhood EducationObservando y Asesorando en Ambientes EducativosIrma Gonzalez CuadrosAn OER text-equivalent for C-ID ECE 200 (Observation and Assessment) in Spanish.C-ID ECE 200 (Observation and Assessment)CC BY-NCRFP 1
Early Childhood EducationDimensiones de Diversidad en la EducaciónTemprana - LibreTexts; Dimensiones de Diversidad en la EducaciónTemprana (PDF)Irma Gonzalez Cuadros, Maria Avalos, Shirley MurilloOER in Spanish for the Teaching in a Diverse Society CourseC-ID ECE 230 (Teaching in a Diverse Society)CC BYRFP 2
EconomicsMicroeconomics and Macroeconomics Resources (Canvas Commons)Mark Maier, Amber Casolari, Travis Ames, Clare Battista, Christopher Bernard, Michael Levine, Cynthia Parker, and Elisa QeenanCanvas modules to augment and update existing OER texts.C-ID ECON 201 (Principles of Microeconomics) and ECON 202 (Principles of Macroeconomics)CC BYRFP 1
EnglishWriting, Reading, and College Success: A First-Year Composition Course for All LearnersAthena Kashyap and Erika DyquistoThis OER is a revision of “Writing for Success” that includes instructional scaffolding for students who require additional support. New sections on college readiness and success, reading skills, the reading-writing connection, grammar, and an ESL compendium have been added.C-ID ENGL 100 (College Composition)CC BY-NCRFP 1
EnglishHow Arguments Work - A Guide to Writing and Analyzing Texts in College; Overview and Access Directions for How Arguments Work AncillariesAnna Mills, Natalie Peterkin, Allison Murray, Darya Myers, Maria Robleto, Cynthia Spence, Edward Mahoney, Dylan Altman, Sarah Sullivan, Kathleen Nelson, Ryan Hitch, Saramanda
Swigart, Alex Sterling, and Chris Werry
OER text with emphasis on contemporary issues of social justice, race, gender, and inclusion. Audio versions of each chapter of the textbook are embedded in the text.ENGL 100 (College Composition) and C-ID ENGL 105 (Argumentative Writing and Critical Thinking) CC BY-NCRFP 1, 2, and 3
EnglishWriting and Critical Thinking Through LiteratureHeather Ringo and Athena KashyapA culturally responsive OER text incorporating primary literary sources and explanatory materials that would also include ancillary materials such as assignments and essay prompts.C-ID ENGL 110 (Argumentative Writing and Critical Thinking Through Literature)CC BY-NCRFP 1
English as a Second LanguageAdvanced Community College ESL Composition - An Integrated Skills ApproachEdgar Perez, Jenell Rae, Jacob Skelton, Lisa Horvath, and Sara BehsetaThis text is a transformation of Successful College Composition an OER text originally published in 2015.One level below English composition.CC BY-NC-SARFP 1
English as a Second LanguageReading, Writing, Research, and Reasoning: An Advanced ESL TextGabriel Winer, Elizabeth Wadell, Clara Hodges
Zimmerman, Anne Agard, Susan Naughton, Marit ter Mate-
Martinsen, Cynthia Spence, Jenny Yap, and Clare Corcoran
This is a comprehensive ESL text for one-level below transfer.One-level below transfer.CC BY-NCRFP 3
Environmental ScienceIntroduction to Environmental Science TextbookMelissa Ha and Rachel SchleigerA comprehensive text for Introduction to Environmental Science.C-ID ENVS 100 (Introduction to Environmental Science)CC BY-NCRFP 2
Film, Television, and Electronic MediaVideo Production HandbookSteve Shlisky, Vina Cera, Misha Antonich, Christopher Clemens, and Jennifer VaughnA video production guide to teach students fundamental skills about all stages of video production, useful to students of video production, film production, and other students and faculty focused on creating video works. C-ID FTVE 130 (Beginning Single Camera Production) and FTVE 150 (Beginning Motion Picture Production)CC BY-NCRFP 3
Ethnic StudiesIntroduction to Ethnic StudiesKay Fischer, Mario Alberto Viveros Espinoza-Kulick, Ulysses Acevedo, Teresa Hodges, Melissa Leal, and Tamara CheshireThis textbook examines the development of Ethnic Studies as an academic discipline and provides relevant education centering narratives, philosophies, histories, and cultures of Black Indigenous People of Color, while countering eurocentrism and white supremacy. The content includes a comparative approach covering Africana/African American/Black Studies, Asian American and Pacific Islander Studies, Chicanx/Latinx Studies, and American Indian/Native American Studies.Introduction to Ethnic StudiesCC BY-NCRFP 4
Ethnic StudiesNew Directions in Chicanx and Latinx StudiesAmber Rose González, Mario Alberto Viveros Espinoza-Kulick, Melissa Moreno, Lucha Arévalo, and Eddy Francisco Alvarez JrA comprehensive, peer-reviewed introductory textbook written by scholars from the California Community Colleges and California State University. The content, spanning ten chapters, is guided by intersectional, transnational, and relational frameworks that build on current and emergent work in Chicanx and Latinx Studies. Introduction to Chicanx and Latinx StudiesCC BY-NCRFP 4
FrenchElementary French I and II: Comprehensive OER for First-Year French in LibreTexts with H5P Ancillaries Unit 1-6; Elementary French I and II: Comprehensive OER for First-Year French in LibreTexts with H5P Ancillaries Unit 7-12William J. Carrasco, Shahrzad Zahedi, and Caren Barnezet ParrishUnit 1-7 is designed for the first semester of French. This elementary level course is a study of the French language and French-speaking cultures, with emphasis on the development of communicative skills and basic structures. The course combines in-class instruction and practice with self-paced study in the Language Laboratory. Unit 7-12 is designed for the second semester of French. This elementary level course is a study of the French language and French-speaking cultures, with continued emphasis on the development of communicative skills and basic structures.First and Second Semester FrenchCC BYRFP 3
GeographyManual for Physical Geography, Lab Course (LibreTexts); Manual for Physical Geography (Canvas Commons); Manual for Physical Geography (Word); Manual for Physical Geography (Google Docs)Waverly C. Ray, Taya C. Lazootin, Scott J. Crosier, Jeremy G. Patrich, and Aline Nortes GregorioA lab manual, instructor resources, and Canvas course to support Physical Geography.C-ID GEOG 111 (Physical Geography Laboratory)CC BY-NCRFP 2
GeographyOERI Contemporary World GeographiesAline Gregorio, Nazanin Naraghi, Waverly Ray, Jason Scott, Kristin Sellers, and Andrew WallaceWorld Geographies: A Critical Introduction was designed to serve as a foundational resource for students taking World Regional Geography courses. This book uses ASCCC’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Antiracism framework and a critical geography lens and utilizes a thematic approach to world regional geography. This focus enables readers to understand processes driving global inequities and develop a better understanding of contemporary global issues.C-ID GEOG 125 (World Regional Geography)CC BY-NC-SA
GeologyGeoscience Equity Opportunities for Students: Making the Earth Accessible through an OER Physical Geology Lab ManualChloe BranciforteA complete lab manual for Physical Geology. Activities are designed to be completed in all modalities (in-person, hybrid, remote).C-ID GEOL 100L (Physical Geology Laboratory) CC BY-SARFP 2
HistoryAncillaries for "The American Yawp"Ancillaries for "The American Yawp"Vincent Romo and Maria RomeroThis is a course shell with weekly modules for the OER textbook "The American Yawp." There are quizzes and other ancillary materials.C-ID HIST 130 (US History to 1877) and HIST 140 (US History from 1865)Public DomainRFP 2
Hospitality ManagementAll Are Welcome: An Introduction to the Hospitality IndustryChristy Douglass,, Dr. Mark Keene, Kay Boles, and Kevin AnthonyOpen Text Alternative for Intro to HospitalityC-ID HOSP 100 (Hospitality Management)CC BY-NCRFP 2
Information Technology and Information SystemsLinux – The Penguin Marches On – LibreTexts
Additional resources forthcoming.
Patrick McClanahan, Tobi West, and Skip BerryLinux Instruction for New User Experience (LINUX) Project – Text for Systems and Network Administration C-ID ITIS (Systems and Network Administration)Mixed - View each page for licensing informationRFP 2
ItalianOER Italian 101 (First Semester Open Educational Resources 2.0)Surian Figueroa and Silvia KadingItalian-language ancillaries in the form of vocabulary, grammar, and culture activities. If the provided link does not work, please search “ASCCC” in Canvas Commons to find all ASCCC OERI resources.First-level of ItalianCC BYRFP 1
LibraryIntroduction to College Research – Pressbooks; Information Literacy Ancillary Resources in Canvas CommonsXiaoyang Behlendorf, Walter D. Butler, Cynthia Mari Orozco, Aloha Sargent, and Kelsey SmithOER Textbook and Canvas Course Shell for Information Literacy Courses.Information Literacy Courses CC BYRFP 2
LibraryFoundations of Library Services TextbookColin Williams, Ariane Le, Kolap Samel, Walter Butler, Joanna Chen Cham, Jaki King, Annie Knight, Susan HoangThis textbook was developed with the intention to support customizability and allow instructors to adopt and adapt the materials to fit their own course needs. Because of this, this textbook can be transferred fully or as chapters (modules). Alignment to Library Support Staff Certification (LSSC): At the beginning of each module chapter, learning objectives and LSSC competency sets are listed that the content aligns to. This is done to provide further insight into how the material can best support your course. In the appendixes, you will also find perspectives from students and professionals that can be incorporated into your classroom discussions about the profession.Foundations of Library Services CoursesCC BY-SARFP 3
MathIntermediate Algebra for Science, Technology, Engineering, and MathematicsDarlene DiazAn openly licensed text for intermediate algebra. While accessibility issues still need to be addressed, this resource is available for faculty consideration.Intermediate Algebra for STEM majorsCC BYRFP 1
MathStatistics for Social Justice Studies – Canvas CommonsBonnie Blustein, Ph.D., Safaa Dabagh, Jeremy Jankans, Daniel Judge, Joy Ogami-Avila,
Matt Robertson, and Vitaly Shvetsov
This workbook is primarily organized into modules that correspond with topics commonly presented in an introductory statistics class. The Table of Contents lists these modules, topics, and activities, along with the alignment to the OpenStax Statistics textbook. An alignment of the modules to several other texts is available in “For Instructors.” C-ID MATH 110 (Introduction to Statistics) CC BY-NC-SARFP 2
MathAccessible TablesASCCC OERIUnder Development (January 2021)C-ID MATH 110 (Introduction to Statistics)CC BYOERI
MathCo-requisite workbook and videos on algebra and calculus conceptsComing soonCo-requisite workbook for remediation of 10 primary algebra skills. 33 closed-captioned Learning Glass videos on algebra and calculus concepts. Coming soon.C-ID MATH 140 (Business Calculus)Coming soonRFP 1
MathOnline Question Banks for Ordinary Differential Equations and Introduction to Linear Algebra in My Open MathLarry Green, Jessica Kuang, Cindy Moss, Scott Hubbard, and Saburo MatsumotoFind access information under C-ID 240 and C-ID 150 on the OER and Math page. C-ID MATH 240 (Ordinary Differential Equations) and C-ID MATH 250 (Introduction to Linear Algebra)CC BYRFP 4
PhysicsOnline Question Banks and Course Templates for OpenStax CCC Lower-Division Physics CoursesEmilie Hein,
Polin Yadak,
Gregory Grist, Alice Pevyhouse, David Marasco, Cathleen Cox, Jennifer Snyder, Mayra Lopez-Thibodeaux, and Rosa Alvis
Find access information at the bottom of the OERI’s OER and Physics page.C-ID PHYS 105, PHYS 110, PHYS 205, PHYS 210, and PHYS 215CC BYRFP 2
PhysicsMy Open Math Course Template for Introductory Astronomy CoursesEmilie Hein, Polin Yadak, Gregory Grist, Mayra Lopez-Thibodeaux, and Rosa AlvisMy Open Math Course Template for Introductory Astronomy Courses that Utilize OER Textbook Astronomy by OpenStax. Find access information at the bottom of the OERI’s OER and Physics page.Introductory AstronomyCC BYRFP 3
Political ScienceIntroduction to Comparative Government and PoliticsDr. Dino Bozonelos, Julia Wendt, Charlotte Lee, Jessica Scarffe, Masahiro Omae, Josh Franco, Byran Martin, and Stefan VeldhuisIntroduction to Comparative Government and Politics is the first open educational resource (OER) on the topic of comparative politics. It is organized thematically, with each chapter accompanied by a case study or a comparative study, one of the main methodological tools used in comparative politics. By contextualizing the concepts, we hope to help students learn the comparative method, which to this day remains one of the most important methodological tools for all researchers.C-ID POLS 130 (Introduction to Comparative Government and Politics)CC BY-NCRFP 3
Political ScienceIntroduction to International Relations Course ModulesDr. Josh Franco, Dr. Charlotte Lee, and Katherine MichelResource consists of discrete modules in OER Commons.C-ID POLS 140 (Introduction to International Relations)CC BY or CC BY-NC depending on moduleRFP 1
Political ScienceIntroduction to Political Science Research MethodsDr. Josh Franco, Dr. Charlotte Lee, Kau Vue, Dr. Dino Bozonelos, Dr. Masahiro Omae, and Dr. Steven CauchonOpen Education Resource textbook that surveys the research methods employed in political science. Instructor resources including PowerPoint slides and a Canvas Course shell are also available.C-ID POLS 160 (Introduction to Political Science Research Methods) CC BY-NC RFP 1
Political ScienceIntroduction to California Government and PoliticsSteven Reti, Brooke Collins, Alana Jeydel, and Jessica ScarffeThis text welcomes students to the study of California government and politics and invites them to develop their opinions and become active participants in shaping the future of our state.C-ID POLS 110 (Introduction to American Government and Politics)CC BYRFP 5
PsychologyBiopsychologyNaomi Bahm, Bucky Bhadha, Alan Keys, Kenneth Koenigshofer, and Kevin SmithThis text covers all topics generally covered in bio psych courses.C-ID PSY 150 (Introduction to Biological Psychology)Mixed - View each page for licensing informationFacilitated*
SociologyIntroduction to SociologyThea Alvarado, Anne Marceno, Kathryn Coleman, Rebekah Villafana, and Robert WonserA revision of Introduction to Sociology OER text originally developed by Ron Hammond and Paul Cheney of Utah Valley University in 2010. If the provided link does not work, please search “ASCCC” in Canvas Commons to find all ASCCC OERI resources.C-ID SOCI 110 (Introduction to Sociology)CC BYRFP 1
Sociology/Social Justice StudiesRace and Ethnic Relations in the U.S.: An Intersectional Approach – LibreTextsErika Gutierrez, Janét Hund, Shaheen Johnson, Carlos Ramos, Lisette Rodriguez, and Joy TsuhakoWith an eye on social justice and intersectionality, the text provides a sociological analysis of the history, demographics, and contemporary experiences of the following race-ethnic groups: African Americans, Asian American Pacific Islanders, Euro Americans, Latinx, Native Americans, Middle Eastern Americans, and immigrants. This text is suitable for a sociology course on race and ethnic relations or a social justice studies introductory course.C-ID SOCI 150 (Introduction to Race and Ethnicity) and C-ID SJS 110 (Introduction to Social JusticeCC BY-NC-SARFP 2
SpanishAncillaries in LibreTexts and H5P (¡Naveguemos juntos!)M. Barrio De Mendoza, K Gutiérrez, H.Ho, C. Lin, and A Stere Lugo¡Naveguemos Juntos! was created for students taking the first year of Spanish. It is intended as an introductory Spanish course that covers levels 1 and 2 at community colleges. All resources found here are free! Instructors can use it as is, download a PDF of all the activities, or incorporate it in the LMS of their college (including Canvas). Furthermore, instructors have the option to adapt, edit, modify, and create their own version by using the LibreTexts’ Remixer tool.C-ID SPAN 100 (Elementary Spanish I) and SPAN 110 (Elementary Spanish II)CC BY-NCRFP 2
SpanishInstructor Guide: Tarea Libre ICristina Moon, Alejandro Lee, Sarah Harmon and Nancy Meléndez-BallesterosThe Tarea Libre project is a comprehensive and accessible Open Educational Resources question bank of 1,400 interactive activities created in LibreStudio and ADAPT for first-year Spanish courses for California Community Colleges. The content can be used via ADAPT or linked to a campus Learning Management System via LTI. This LTI integration seamlessly connects the assigned activities to the grade book streamlining the assigning and grading of homework. Learn more about the project at the archive of the May 5, 2023 webinar “What’s new in Spanish OER: Tarea Libre."C-ID SPAN 100 (Elementary Spanish I) and SPAN 110 (Elementary Spanish II)CC BYRFP 4
SpanishIntermediate/Advanced Spanish Manual (Entrada Libre)Nancy Ballesteros, Alejandro Lee, Nicolás Crisosto, and Cristina MoonEntrada libre is an intermediate/advanced college-level Spanish OER grammar manual for second language learners and heritage speakers of Spanish at the community college level.C-ID SPAN 200 (Intermediate Spanish I) and SPAN 210 (Intermediate Spanish II) CC BY-NC-SARFP 1

 “X” associated with a C-ID designation indicates a course not designed for transfer.

*Facilitated projects were managed by the OERI, and subject matter experts were brought in specifically to develop the targeted OER. These occur outside of the standard request for proposals process.

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