19.01 Support for Faculty Open Educational Resources Coordinators

Spring 2016; Resolution Number: 19.01

Whereas, The College Textbook Affordability Act of 2015 (AB 798, Bonilla, 2015), provides incentives to colleges that seek to reduce textbook costs by adopting Open Educational Resources (OER) in a minimum of 10 course sections;

Whereas, The intersegmental California Open Educational Resources Council (COERC) created a Request for Proposals (RFP) that included the specific requirement that colleges include in the RFP the “Identification, roles, and responsibilities of your Textbook Affordability Campus Coordinator who will coordinate your textbook affordability program, including ensuring the programs are implemented in a timely and effective manner and providing reports and evaluations on the campus’s program outcomes”; and

Whereas, The evaluation of program outcomes regarding curricular decisions, including the adoption of textbooks, is an academic and professional matter;

Resolved, That the ASCCC urge local senates that intend to apply to participate in the Textbook Affordability Act ensure that the process for the selection of the Textbook Affordability Campus Coordinator involves collegial consultation with the local academic senate