Proficiency Assessment Resources and Repositories

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Spanish Proficiency Assessment Resources

  • Actividades de práctica con aprendices del español Author: Dale Koike.
    This site provides videos of second language and heritage language learners of Spanish on a variety of topics.  It includes activities based on different applied linguistics concepts related to language acquisition. 
  • COERLL TEKS Engagement Activities  Author: Rose Potter.
    This site provides activities for specific levels of proficiency using COERLL’s multimedia Spanish resources.
  • Introduction to Oral Proficiency Levels (Spanish) Author: Judith E. Liskin-Gasparro.
    This site provides practice modules with video-based activities following the ACTFL speaking Proficiency Guidelines and to help teachers evaluate the speaking levels of the language student.
  • Spanish Proficiency Exercises Author: Orlando Kelm. (CC BY)
    Divided by levels: beginning, intermediate A, intermediate B, advanced A, advanced B, superior this site includes a compilation of brief video clips from native speakers from Latin America and Spain with brief mini-grammar explanations on grammar principles related to the proficiency topic. 
  • Spanish Proficiency Training Website and Learner Corpus  Author: Dale Koike.
    This site is designed to help Spanish teachers assess students’ language and proficiency levels with practice videos activities.

Repositories of Spanish OER Material

Repositories of Free Spanish Material

  • Audiria                                               
    Free Spanish podcasts arranged by level of proficiency, with exercises, textbook, personal stats, and other learning resources.
  • BBC Languages – Spanish                                         
    Lessons, phrases, vocabulary, tests, and links to news sources in 40 languages.
  • Gutenberg
    Project Gutenberg’s extensive selection of public domain books includes a large collection of Spanish language classics and classic works from other languages translated into Spanish. The Spanish language collection on Project Gutenberg provides reading material suitable for intermediate learners. There are books in many different genres and about many different subjects. Project Gutenberg eBooks can be read on just about any digital device; just be careful to not become too reliant on using a device’s built-in translation tools and dictionary applications to look up unfamiliar words
  • LangMedia                                         
    A collection of target language videos done by international students from the Five Colleges of Massachusetts in their home countries. Includes: Arabic, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Greek, Italian, and Portuguese.
  • LibriVox – Spanish                                        
    LibriVox contains recordings of literary classics, autobiographies, plays, and poetry among many other genres all recorded in a variety of languages. English, French, German and Italian are just a few of all languages represented on LibriVox.
  • Memrise – Spanish                                         
    Language learning app.  Uses images and audio to help memorize vocabulary. Interactive site that saves individual progress.
  • Mia Cositas                                        
    Resources for Spanish, French, and Chinese. Includes: Videos, thematic curriculum units complete lesson plans, student worksheets and resources, downloadable materials collections with activities, manipulatives and mini-posters over 40 virtual illustrated picture books organized thematically, as well as a list of vetted links.
  • Open Culture
    Repository of free Spanish material including website, lessons, and numerous sites such as iTunes and Spotify.  Topics: Survival Spanish, Medical Spanish, etc.
  • Open Learn
    Open Learn provides seven free Spanish courses ranging from beginners to advanced Spanish, such as “Beginners’ Spanish: food and drink”, “Spanish: Perspectivas porteñas”, and “Spanish: espacios públicos.”
  • Open Yale – Spanish and Portuguese                                     
    The course facilitates a close reading of Don Quixote in the artistic and historical context of renaissance and baroque Spain. Students are also expected to read four of Cervantes’ Exemplary Stories, Cervantes’ Don Quixote: A Casebook, and J.H. Elliott’s Imperial Spain.
  • ProfeDeELE: Actividades y recursos para aprender y enseñar español. Nuestro compromiso es publicar de manera libre y gratuita contenido de calidad, atractivo, práctico y fácilmente accesible. Es un compromiso difícil, pero no imposible. Nosotros creemos en él, pero para hacerlo posible necesitamos de tu colaboración. Incluye: canciones, cultura, exámenes, gramática, lecturas, podcast, unidades didácticas, vocabulario, videos separadas por niveles (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2)
  • SPALEON, or Spanish-Learn it Online.  Great conjugation trainer to practice the most frequent forms of the most important Spanish verbs.
  • Spanish Language and Culture                                               
    From Colby College.   Site contains study modules, interactive activities, links to other resources, video with audio.
  • World Language Resources                                       
    List of resources (for mostly French, Spanish and German) compiled as part of a federally funded grant to identify open educational resources for World Language teachers in Maine.
  • World Languages Community Portal                                     
    Merlot educational resource for teaching and learning languages. Free materials for many different languages.

Using an OER resource that is missing from the list above? If so, please let us know.

This page last updated on August 1st, 2022.