AB 798 (College Textbook Affordability) Funding – Examples from 2019 Survey

To qualify for this stipend you will need to lower your course material costs at least 30% by replacing a commercial textbook that you are currently using with existing Open Educational Resources (OER). Upon Board approval, a $200 stipend will be paid to participating faculty to find and evaluate OER options.
An additional $550 stipend will be paid once the participating faculty member official adopts one or more existing OER which results in student course material savings of at least 30%. For this round of funding the OER must be adopted by Fall 2019.

The college will compensate participating faculty with a $100 gift card, faculty overseeing the program will be paid $1,800 each, and 2 consultants will be paid $1,500 each. All will be paid through the AB 798 grant.

As a result of the AB 798 grant our college was awarded (I’m the grant coordinator), we have been able to offer stipends up to $1,000/course (not per section) for faculty who engage in PD for OER that leads to an OER adoption that reduces the cost of textbooks for the course by at least 30%. Typically, faculty who have participated in this have made their courses zero-cost by replacing traditional publishers’ textbooks with openly-licensed resources. Faculty can receive the stipend for more than one course.

This page last updated April 30, 2023.