ASCCC OERI RFP IV (2022-2023) – Funded Projects

For additional details and a full list of completed projects visit OERI Supported Projects.

DisciplineProject Working Title
AnthropologyExplorations: An Open Invitation to Biological Anthropology Second Edition (Lara Braff, Beth Shook, Katie Nelson, and Kelsie Aguilera) (CC BY-NC) An updated, expanded, equity-minded OER textbook (C-ID ANTH 110)
ArabicIntroduction to Arabic (Hana Kassas, Dr. Layla Bahar Al-Aloom, Sameera Murtada, Maysaa Toma, and Roula Aoneh) (CC BY) Textbook equivalent to support Introduction to Arabic. It includes interactive activities.
Ethnic StudiesNew Directions in Chicanx and Latinx Studies (Amber Rose González, Mario Alberto Viveros Espinoza-Kulick, Melissa Moreno, Lucha Arévalo, and Eddy Francisco Alvarez Jr) (CC BY-NC) Textbook equivalent to support Chicanx and Latinx Studies Studies.
Ethnic StudiesIntroduction to Ethnic Studies (Kay Fischer, Mario Alberto Viveros Espinoza-Kulick, Ulysses Acevedo, Teresa Hodges, Melissa Leal, and Tamara Cheshire) (CC BY-NC) Textbook equivalent to support Introduction to Ethnic Studies.
GeographyWorld Geographies: A Critical Introduction (Aline Gregorio, Nazanin Naraghi, Jason Scott, Waverly Ray) (CC BY-NC-SA) Textbook for teaching World Geography (C-ID GEOG 125)
HistoryIntegrating Social Justice, Equity and Antiracism Themes in World History Since 1500 (C-ID HIST 160) – Coming Soon
MathLinear Algebra and Differential Equations (MATH 240 and 250) MyOpenMath Assignments and other Ancillaries. Find access information under C-ID 240 and C-ID 150 on the OER and Math page.
SpanishInstructor Guide: Tarea Libre I (Cristina Moon, Alejandro Lee, Sarah Harmon and Nancy Meléndez-Ballesteros) (CC BY) First-Year Spanish (C-ID SPAN 100, 110) OER Homework Question Bank in LibreStudio and ADAPT

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