College Public-Facing Information – ZTC Degree and Certificate Pathways

The following was obtained from college websites regarding their no-cost degree pathways. Please share any updates with the OERI. Awards are listed alphabetically within the following categories:

  • Associate Degrees for Transfer (AA-T and AS-T) (Degrees based on Transfer Model Curricula)
  • Local Degrees (AA and AS)
  • Career Technical Education (CTE) Certificates – credit
  • CTE Certificates – noncredit
  • Non-CTE Certificates

Barstow OER and ZTC Pathways (updated August 9, 2023) (Communication Studies AA-T, Mathematics AS-T)

Butte College Zero-Textbook-Cost Program (updated August 8, 2023) Child and Adolescent Development AA-T, Psychology AA-T, Social and Behavioral Science AA, Early Childhood Education Certificate

Chabot ZTC Degree and Certificate Programs (updated August 9, 2023) Anthropology AA-T, Sociology AA-T, Anthropology AA

College of Marin ZTC Degree Options (updated August 19, 2023) Sociology AA-T

Cosumnes Zero Textbook Cost Degrees and Certificates (updated August 7, 2023) Anthropology AA-T, Biology AS-T, Nutrition and Dietetics AS-T, Social Justice Studies: Race and Ethnicity AA-T, Social Justice Studies: Women, Gender and LGBTQ Studies AA-T, Sociology AA-T, Studio Arts AA-T, American Studies AA, Anthropology AS, Biology: Pre-Nursing Option AS, Deaf Studies AA, Humanities AA, Interdisciplinary Studies – Ethnic Studies AA, Welding Technology AS, Automotive Brakes Certificate, Automotive Electrical Systems Certificate, Automotive Engine Performance Certificate, Automotive Suspension and Steering Certificate, Basic Culinary Services Certificate, Early Childhood Education – Associate Teacher Certificate, Early Childhood Education – Infant Specialist Certificate, ESL Reading for Academic and Workforce Preparation Certificate, Sustainability Certificate, Welding Code Certificate, Welding Fabricator Certificate, Welding Technology Certificate

Grossmont College ZTC Degree/Certificate Pathways (updated August 7, 2023) (Studio Arts AA-T, Sociology AA-T, Art – Ceramics AA, Art – Digital Art AA, Art – Drawing and Painting AA, General Studies – Social and Behavioral Studies AA, General Studies – Wellness and Self-Development AA, General Studies – Science and Quantitative Reasoning AS, General Studies – Humanities and Fine Art AA, Geography AA, University Studies-Communication and Language Arts AA, University Studies- Mathematics and Natural Science and Computer Science AS, Dance Certificate)

Lake Tahoe Community College Open Educational Resources (updated February 16, 2022); What ZTC Degrees are there at LTCC? (Business Administration AS-T, Mathematics AS-T, Psychology AA-T) Although degree type is not specified on the website, ADTs confirmed via personal communication.

Los Angeles Valley College: Textbook Affordability – OER & ZTC @LAVC (updated August 9, 2023) Communication Studies and Anthropology offer ZTC degree pathways. Although degree type is not specified on the website, AA-T confirmed via personal communication.

Madera College: Zero Cost Textbook Degree Option (accessed August 16, 2023) (Early Childhood Education AS-T, Psychology AA-T, Sociology AAT, Art: Two-Dimensional AA, Biological Sciences AS, Child Development AS, Liberal Arts and Sciences: Natural Sciences AS, Liberal Arts and Sciences AA, Social Science AA, Child Development: Associate Teacher CA, Child Development CA, Child Development: Early Intervention Assistant CA, Communications Studies CA)

Moorpark ZTC for Students: Courses and Programs (updated August 7, 2023) Early Childhood Education AS-T, Economics AA-T, Child Development AS, General Studies: Social/Behavioral Science (Patterns I & III) AA, General Studies: Humanities (Pattern I) AA, General Studies: Natural Science (Patterns II & III) AA, Global Business AS, Child Development Certificate, Child Development Associate Teacher Certificate, Digital Journalism Proficiency Award, Global Business Certificate of Achievement, Registered Behavior Technician Proficiency Award, Transitional Kindergarten Certificate of Achievement

Pasadena City College: OER & ZTC: Open Educational Resources and Zero Textbook Cost Options (updated August 9, 2023) Administration of Justice AS-T, History AA-T, Psychology AA-T, Sociology AA-T, Humanities AA, Social and Behavioral Sciences AA, CIS CCNA Certificate, Digitization Skills for Libraries and Cultural Heritage Institutions Certificate, Archives and Digital Collections Assistant Certificate

Reedley College (accessed August 17, 2023) (Communication Studies AA-T, Early Childhood Education AS-T, Kinesiology AA-T, Mathematics AS-T, Child Development AS, Communication AA, Associate Teacher Certificate of Achievement, Child Development Certificate of Achievement, Communication Studies Certificate of Achievement, Early Intervention Assistant Certificate of Achievement, Family Child Care Certificate of Achievement)

Saddleback College Zero Textbook Cost Classes (updated August 9, 2023) Anthropology AA-T, Child and Adolescent Development AA-T, Communication Studies 2.0 AA-T, Communication Studies AA-T, Economics AA-T, Early Childhood Education AS-T, English AA-T, Film, Television, and Electronic Media AS-T, History AA-T, Journalism AA-T, Mathematics AS-T, Music AA-T, Nutrition and Dietetics AS-T, Physics AS-T, Political Science AA-T, Psychology AA-T, Sociology AA-T, Studio Arts AA-T, Advanced Manufacturing AS, American Sign Language AS, Anthropology AA, Architecture AS, Astronomy AS, Cinema/Television/Radio AS, Dance AA, Economics AA, English Literature AA, Gender and Sexuality AA, General Education AA, General Studies (Social and Behavioral Sciences, Arts and Humanities, Interdisciplinary Studies, Natural Sciences) Geography AA, History AA, Humanities AA, Kinesiology AA, Liberal Studies AA, Music AA, Musical Theatre AA, Persian AA, Philosophy AA, Photography AA, Physics AS, Political Science AA, Theatre Arts and Performance and Acting AA, Travel and Tourism AA, Advanced Manufacturing CA, Aging Studies Certificate, Aging Studies Interdisciplinary Certificate, Architecture Certificate, Associate Teacher Level 1 Certificate, Associate Teacher Level 2 Certificate, Cinema/Television/Radio CA, Cinema/Television/Radio Career Skills Certificate, Coaching Occupational Skills Award, Digital Media Certificate, Instrumental Studies Certificate, General Education Certificate, Jazz Composition Certificate, Jazz Studies Certificate, Journalism and New Media Certificate, Keyboard Studies Certificate, Music Composition Certificate, Music Production Occupational Skills Award, Travel and Tourism Certificate

San Diego Mesa Zero Textbook Cost Degree Pathways (updated August 9, 2023) (Art History AA-T, Communication Studies AA-T, English AA-T, Mathematics AS-T, Applied Mathematics AA, Art History AA, Communication Studies AA, Dance AA, English AA, Geography AA, Mathematics AA, Choreography Certificate of Achievement, Commercial Dance Certificate of Achievement, Creative Writing Certificate of Achievement)

Santa Ana College – OER Pathways (updated August 9, 2023) (Business Administration AS-T, Liberal Arts AA)

Skyline College – ZTC for Students (updated August 9, 2023) (Spanish AA-T, Spanish AA Interdisciplinary Studies: Arts and Humanities AA, Interdisciplinary Studies: Health and Physical Education AA, Interdisciplinary Studies: Social and Behavioral Sciences AA, Interdisciplinary Studies: Social and Natural Sciences AA, Respiratory Care AS)

West Hills College Lemoore Zero Textbook Cost Degrees (updated August 9, 2023) (Early Childhood Education AS-T, Elementary Teacher Education AA-T, English AA-T, Geology AS-T, History AA-T, Mathematics AS-T, Psychology AA-T, Sociology AA-T, Child Development AA, Geology AA, Geology AS, Liberal Arts: Arts and Humanities AA, Liberal Arts: Elementary Teacher Preparation AA, Liberal Arts: Math and Science AA, Liberal Arts: Social Science AA, Manufacturing Automation AS, Psychology AA, Academic Readiness Certificate of Achievement, Child Development Certificate of Achievement, Child Development – Assistant Teacher Certificate of Completion, Child Development – Associate Teacher Certificate of Completion, Electronics Basics Local Certificate, Industrial Mechanic I Certificate of Achievement, Introduction to Industrial Automation Certificate of Achievement, Transfer Studies – CSU GE Breadth Certificate of Achievement, ESL Certificate of Completion)

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