Geography TMC and Open Educational Resources

The following provides examples of existing OER that can be used for the indicated courses. Please find all potential OER identified for the discipline at Open Educational Resources and Geography and the available OER for all disciplines at OER by Discipline. Please note that the structure presented here aligns with the Geography TMC

This page is currently in draft form. If you are using – or are aware of – OER for any courses listed here for which no resources are indicated, please let us know.

Required Core Courses (6-7 units):

Introduction to Physical Geography (C-ID GEOG 110)

or Introduction to Physical Geography, with Lab (C-ID GEOG 115)

or Introduction to Physical Geography (C-ID GEOG 110) and Physical Geography, Laboratory (C-ID GEOG 111)

Introduction to Human Geography (C-ID GEOG 120)

or World Regional Geography (C-ID GEOG 125)

List A – Select 6-7 units from the following (units):

Physical Geography, Laboratory (if GEOG 115 or 111 not taken above) (C-ID GEOG 111)

California Geography (C-ID GEOG 140)

Introduction to Geographic Information Systems and Techniques, with Lab (C-ID GEOG 155)

Map Interpretation and Analysis (C-ID GEOG 150)

Introduction to Weather and Climate (C-ID GEOG 130)

Regional Field Studies (C-ID GEOG 160)

List B – Select 6 units from the following:

Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (C-ID ANTH 120)

Physical Geology (C-ID GEOL 100)

Or any courses not selected above (from List A), any CSU transferable geography courses and/or other courses (in or outside the discipline) that are articulated as lower division major preparation for the geography major at a CSU.

This page last updated on April 18, 2023.