Geology TMC and Open Educational Resources

The following provides examples of existing OER that can be used for the indicated courses. Please find all potential OER identified for the discipline at Open Educational Resources and Geology and alternatives for the other disciplines in the TMC on their respective pages (Open Educational Resources and Chemistry; Open Educational Resources and Math).

The structure presented here aligns with the Geology TMC. If you are using – or are aware of – OER for any courses listed here for which no resources are indicated, please let us know.

Required “Core” Courses: (26 minimum units)

Physical Geology with Lab (C-ID GEOL 101)

  • No resources identified.

OR Physical Geology (C-ID GEOL 100) and Physical Geology Laboratory (C-ID GEOL 100L)

Physical Geology

Physical Geology Laboratory

Historical Geology with Lab (C-ID GEOL 111)

  • While resources for both the lecture and the lab have been identified, the text identified for the lecture component of the course is not comprehensive enough to be the only text for the course.

OR Historical Geology (C-ID GEOL 110) and Historical Geology Laboratory (C-ID GEOL 110L)

Historical Geology

Historical Geology Laboratory

General Chemistry for Science Majors (C-ID CHEM 120S)

OER Textbooks for Chemistry 120S

Additional OER for Chemistry 120S

Single Variable Calculus I Early Transcendentals (C-ID MATH 210) and Single Variable Calculus II Early Transcendentals  (C-ID MATH 220)

OR Single Variable Calculus I – Late Transcendentals (C-ID MATH 211) and Single Variable Calculus II – Late Transcendentals (C-ID MATH 221)

OR Single Variable Calculus Sequence (C-ID MATH 900S)

    No resources identified.

Recommended Where Available:

Calculus-Based Physics for Scientists and Engineers: A (C-ID PHYS 205) and Calculus-Based Physics for Scientists and Engineers: B (C-ID PHYS 210)

Calculus-Based Physics for Scientists and Engineers: A

Calculus-Based Physics for Scientists and Engineers: B

Organismal Biology (C-ID BIOL 140)

Mineralogy (C-ID GEOL 280)

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