OER Advocacy

Advocacy Basics

How do you get started as an OER advocate at your college? This collection of ideas and resources can be modified based on your college culture, support, funding, personnel, and goals.


A number of resolutions have been adopted by the ASCCC and local academic senates.

Community College Consortium for OER (CCCOER)

CCCOER represents a dynamic community of community college OER advocates. Sign up the CCCOER list-serv to ensure you are up on the latest OER news from across the country and around the world. Consider becoming a member of CCCOER.

OER Policy

Open Textbooks: A Policy Guide provides current, relevant information on the textbook issue for students. Also gives sample programs and information on how to get grants and develop robust programs around OER.

Advocacy and Administrators

Compelling Reasons to Adopt OER for Senior Management  provides an explanation of OER specifically for administrators. It includes information on marketing, quality, productivity, and institutional reputation

Open Textbooks: A Resource Guide

“Straight from the Devil’s mouth” — read musing about OER from administrators

Ask the Administrator: Labeling OER Sections