OER and the Anthropology Transfer Model Curriculum (TMC)

Indicated resources are samples. Find a complete curated collection at Open Educational Resources and Anthropology and available OER for all disciplines at OER by Discipline. Please note that the structure presented here aligns with the Anthropology TMC; local Associate Degrees for Transfer will be different as the TMC introduces flexibility (e.g., “select three units”) from List A and beyond.

“Core” Courses

Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (C-ID ANTH 120)

Introduction to Biological Anthropology (C-ID ANTH 110)

Introduction to Archaeology (C-ID ANTH 150)

List A – Select three units from the following:

Biological Anthropology Laboratory (1) (C-ID ANTH 115L)

Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology (3) (C-ID ANTH 130)

    No resources identified.

Introduction to Statistics (3) (C-ID MATH 110) or Introduction to Statistics in Sociology (3) (C-ID SOCI 125)

List B – Select 1-2 courses (3-5 units) from the following:

Any courses not selected from List A; and/or any combination of coursework from List B.

Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology (3) (C-ID PSY 200), or Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology (with Lab) (4) (C-ID PSY 205B), or Introduction to Research Methods (3) (C-ID SOCI 120), or Philosophy of Science (3)

Human Anatomy with Lab (4) (C-ID BIOL 110B)

Physical Geology (3) and Physical Geology Laboratory (1) or Physical Geology with Lab (4) (C-ID GEOL 100/100L or 101)

Earth Science (3) and Earth Science Laboratory (1) or Earth Science with Lab (4) (C-ID GEOL 120/120L or 121)

Environmental Geology (3) and Environmental Geology Laboratory (1) or Environmental Geology with Lab (4) (C-ID GEOL 130/130L or 131)

Introduction to Geographic Information Systems and Techniques, with Lab (2) (C-ID GEOG 155)

List C – Select one of the following (3 units minimum):

Any courses not selected from List A or B; and/or any anthropology course; and/or any other non-anthropology course from the humanities or social sciences on cultural diversity.

The following is a limited list of examples with OER readily available.

Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion (3)

Introduction to Human Geography (3) (C-ID GEOG 120)

Introduction to Sociology (3) (C-ID SOCI 110)

Introduction to Race and Ethnicity (3) (C-ID SOCI 150)

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