OER and the Mathematics Transfer Model Curriculum

The following provides examples of existing OER that can be used for the indicated courses. You can find all potential OER identified for the discipline at Open Educational Resources and Math. Please note that the structure presented here aligns with the Mathematics TMC.

Required Core Courses (minimum of 12 units, all courses are universally required)

1.    Single Variable Calculus I – Early Transcendentals (MATH 210) OR Single Variable Calculus I – Late Transcendentals (MATH 211)

2.    Single Variable Calculus II – Early Transcendentals (MATH 220) OR Single Variable Calculus II – Late Transcendentals (MATH 221)

3.    Multivariable Calculus (MATH 230)

OR Single Variable Calculus Sequence (2 semesters/3 quarters or 3 semesters/4 quarters) (MATH 900S)

See above.

List A – Choose a minimum of 6 units from below with at least 3 units from Group A.

Group A – Provides depth of understanding in subject major

Ordinary Differential Equations (MATH 240)

Introduction to Linear Algebra (MATH 250)

Differential Equations and Linear Algebra (MATH 910S)

  • Can use the books from both courses above (Differential Equations and Linear Algebra)

Group B – Expands Application of Discipline

Discrete Math (MATH 160)

Calculus-Based Physics for Scientists and Engineers (PHYS 205)

Introduction to Statistics (MATH 110)

Course Templates (Instructor account required)

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