Open Educational Resources and the History Transfer Model Curriculum

Indicated resources are samples. Find a complete curated collection at Open Educational Resources and History and the available OER for all disciplines at OER by Discipline. Please note that the structure presented here aligns with the History TMC; local Associate Degrees for Transfer will be different as the TMC introduces flexibility (e.g., “select three units”) from List A and beyond.

“Core” Courses – Required

United States History to 1877 (C-ID HIST 130)

United States History from 1865 (C-ID HIST 140)

List A – 2 courses

World History to 1500 (C-ID HIST 150) or Western Civilization I (C-ID HIST 170)

World History to 1500

Western Civilization I

World History Since 1500 (C-ID HIST 160) or Western Civilization II (C-ID HIST 180)

World History Since 1500

Western Civilization II

List B – 2 courses, one from each of the following 2 areas

Area 1: Any Diversity Course

World History to 1500 or World History Since 1500 if not used in List A

  • See above.

OR Non-Western History Course (CSU GE Area C or D)

OR Any course from the humanities or social sciences (including history) that addresses any historically under-represented group or non-western subject (CSU GE Area C or D)

Intercultural Communication (C-ID COMM 150)


POLS 140 – Introduction to International Relations (C-ID POLS 140)

Introduction to Race and Ethnicity (C-ID SOCI 150)

OR A language other than English (CSU GE Area C2) 

Elementary Spanish I (C-ID SPAN 100)/Elementary Spanish II (C-ID SPAN 110)

Area 2: Any Diversity Course – Broader

Any history course (including List A courses, if not used above)

See above.

Any non-history course from the humanities or social sciences related to history (CSU GE Area C or D)

No resources identified.

Any introductory level social sciences course (CSU GE Area D)

Intro to Cultural Anthropology (C-ID ANTH 120)

Principles of Microeconomics (C-ID ECON 201)

Principles of Macroeconomics (C-ID ECON 202)  

Introduction to Political Science (C-ID POLS 150)

Introduction to Human Geography (C-ID GEOG 120)

Introductory Psychology (C-ID PSY 110)

Introduction to Sociology (C-ID SOCI 110)

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