Resources from RFP III Focused Webinar II – Approaches to Collaboration

RFP III Focused Webinar II – Approaches to Collaboration Webinar Recording

Slides from Collaboration Webinar


Collaboration is an integral part of OERI’s RFP process and will be required. Development teams must consist of at least three faculty from different districts who intend to use the resource being developed. In order to ensure meaningful collaboration, applicants will need to submit a brief collaboration plan. Collaborators must be identified within your submitted proposal. If you need assistance identifying collaborators, please develop a brief description of your proposed project and delineate the roles and responsibilities of your potential collaborators, including specific skills or knowledge that are needed and submit it to our general OERI e-mail with your contact information as soon as possible and no later than March 22. ( While the OERI will take steps to assist you in finding collaborators, it can not guarantee that its efforts will be successful. In other words, applicants are ultimately responsible for identifying and securing the commitment of collaborators.

This page last updated March 15, 2021.