Spring 2021 – Request for Letters of Interest

In order to contribute to the available OER, the OERI is planning to fund a third round of OER development by CCC faculty that would support work to be initiated by the end of the spring 2021 term and concluded no later than the end of spring 2022 (specific dates have yet to be determined). All funded proposals will involve a team of discipline faculty from at least 3 CCC districts who intend to use the proposed resource. Funded proposals will address identified gaps in currently available OER. All products completed with these funds must be licensed as CC-BY or CC-BY-NC. The focus of funded activities must be on increasing the likelihood of faculty adoption of OER by either making an OER text- equivalent available, improving upon an existing OER text-equivalent, or developing ancillary resources that facilitate OER adoption.

If interested, please fill out the “ASCCC Open Educational Resources Initiative (OERI) – Request for Letters of Interest.”

This opportunity is open to both part-time and full-time California Community College faculty. For the purpose of determining whether or not the cross-district collaboration requirement has been met, part-time faculty members should be viewed as being “in district” at any district that they teach in. When the funding details are made available, opportunities to address these sorts of questions will be provided.

Submission of a Letter of Interest is optional, but encouraged. Those who submit a letter will be prioritized recipients of information regarding the RFP and their responses will be used to inform the development of the RFP. In addition, the OERI will provide assistance to submitters with respect to identifying collaborators.

Please submit your letter no later than Wednesday, February 24, at 5:00 pm.