Student Surveys: Next Steps

Now that you have all the data, what can you do with it and how can you leverage it?  Here are some actionable items that the OER Team discussed and implemented toward sharing the data, using the data, and next steps.

Sharing the data; possible collaborators and advocates

  • Research and planning
  • Administrators
  • Faculty senate
  • Student government
  • Constituents on campus involved with OER/ZTC

Possible ways to use the data

  • Use as supporting documentation for OER/ZTC programs and initiatives 
  • Use as supporting documentation for OER/ZTC sustainability
  • Use as supporting documentation for providing equitable access
  • Use as supporting documentation as OER/ZTC marketing strategy

Possible next steps

  • Share the survey results
  • Incorporate the results into strategic planning documents such as Educational Masterplans, Equity Plans, Guided Pathways, and other long-term planning areas 
  • Leverage the results as documentation to support actionable items such as grant programs, focus groups, funding for faculty to explore or adopt OER, or targeted programs that assist students with textbook costs 
  • Use results to inform decisions about creating video content