Student Videos: Next Steps

Now that you have created your student video, what can you do with it? Here are some ideas about how to utilize your video(s) to make an impact on your campus. Presenting engaging student videos can give your school an opportunity to tell a compelling story and send a powerful message about the impact of textbook cost on students.  

Sharing the video and leveraging impact

  • College and district PR department (website, social media)
  • College day, flex-day, division meetings
  • Student government
  • Faculty senate
  • Administrators
  • Constituents on campus involved with OER/ZTC

Possible ways to use student videos

  • Use as supporting or promotional material for OER/ZTC programs and initiatives 
  • Use to encourage faculty adoption of OER/ZTC or sustain interest in OER from faculty or staff
  • Use as supporting documentation in conjunction with quantitative data (such as the No Cost survey in this toolkit) 
  • Use as supporting documentation for OER/ZTC marketing to build enrollment in OER/ZTC classes 

Possible next steps

  • Use videos and survey results in combination to make a case for OER/ZTC at your institution 
  • Create videos from general to more targeted disciplines/areas (Ex: STEM)
  • Leverage the videos as documentation to support actionable items