Tiered Funding Approaches

Find additional information about OER Development Compensation at Compensation for OER Development.

Examples from 2019 Survey

We have a two-tiered approach to OER work. The first phase is the research about OER in the faculty’s discipline. After the research is completed, the next phase is for development of OER and the work that it takes to incorporate it into the faculty’s course. The compensation for the first phase is about $400 and the compensation for the second phase is about $800. All faculty have responded positively and most full-time faculty at our college have taken advantage of it and some adjuncts have also taken advantage of it.

Our foundation provided a grant that pays faculty a stipend of $750 for professional development required to support conversion to OER for one course, $500 for additional courses up to a maximum of $2,000.

Our OER committee had a change of philosophy about stipends from the prior year. In the first year, the early adopter did not need as much encouragement to consider OER, ergo we only had Levels II and III. This year we are working on the “second wave adopters” (which requires more teeth-pulling), so we added a Level I stipend to try to those folks to give us their attention/effort.

We have a three-tiered stipend format:

  • Level One — for review of potential OER “candidate” materials and adoption of text due to this review ($100)
  • Level Two– for review, adoption, and inclusion of a minimum of three additional OER sources (mini-curation) ($250)
  • Level Three– for review and full creation of an OER text/manual that replaces a currently-used commercial textbook; the replacement must meet the requirements of textbook cost savings indicated in the college’s AB 798 grant.

Additional Examples

Let the OERI know what your college or district is doing.

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