III. The Course Outline of Record (COR)

This is the third course in a 5-course series that focuses on curriculum development. The COR is the foundation of curriculum in the California community colleges and must conform to regulations and serve as the mechanism to ensure appropriate consistency across the sections of a given course. The various levels of approval, associated coding, repeatability, and assigning courses to disciplines will all be addressed in this course. This course consists of multiple units. There is a quiz associated with each unit and a comprehensive final exam. Successful completion requires earning 100% on all quizzes and at least 80% on the final exam for each course. All assessments are multiple-choice. While quizzes may be taken more than once, the final exam can only be taken once.

Learning Outcomes: 

Approximate time to complete this course: 120 minutes.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  1. explain what a course outline of record is.
  2. describe the purpose of the course outline of record and discuss several of its uses.
  3. identify resources that can assist in the development of revision of a course outline of record.
  4. discuss the levels of approval involved in the introduction of a new course to a college’s curriculum.
  5. explain the sorts of course changes that are deemed “substantive”.
  6. describe the type of information required to complete each of the Course Basic Data Elements in the Course Outline of Record.
  7. identify how credit and noncredit Course Outlines of Record may be different.
  8. explain the role of TOP codes and CIP codes.
  9. list the reasons that a credit course can be designated as repeatable.
  10. explain the difference between course repetition and repeatable courses.
  11. identify components of the Course Outline of Record that are at the discretion of your college faculty.
  12. explain what it means to assign a course to a discipline.
  13. discuss course-related elements that are the purview of both the senate and the union.
  14. explain when a Course Outline of Record is subject to a separate review process.