V. Focus on Career Technical Education (CTE)

This is the final course in a 5-course series that focuses on curriculum development. In addition to providing an overview of program approval processes that are unique to CTE, this course provides a summary of the topics covered in the ASCCC’s Curriculum Development Certificate of Completion. In order to earn a Certificate, all components of the five-course series must be successfully completed. Each course consists of multiple units. There is a quiz associated with each unit and a final exam for each course. Successful completion requires earning 100% on all quizzes and at least 80% on the final exam for each course. All assessments are multiple-choice. While quizzes may be taken more than once, the final exam for each course can only be taken once. Individuals who are interested in having their work formally recognized should contact Krystinne Mica for more information.

Learning Outcomes: 

Approximate time to complete this course: 60 minutes.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  1. review a labor market analysis and judge whether it provides valid justification for a new CTE program
  2. explain the various components of an LMI analysis.
  3. discuss the role of the advisory committee and the Regional Consortia.
  4. explain the purpose of Regional Consortium review of CTE proposals.
  5. discuss the structure of the Regional Consortia.
  6. identify how the Consortia review for a new proposal and a substantive change are different.