The OERI’s second round of OER funding required collaboration across districts and identified twenty-four projects for funding. Of these, completion of 21 is anticipated. While completion had been scheduled for December, many were given an extension and most are currently in the process of being reviewed. As reviews are in process, the resources that have been made available may not yet be in their final form. If they are, this has been indicated. Please find a searchable table of all OERI-supported resources at ASCCC OERI Supported Resources. (This page last updated May 24, 2023.)

Project TitleDisciplineAssociated C-ID/Notes/Access
Increase Representation of Marginalized student groups in the Human Biology TextbookBIOLCommonly taught GE course. Human Biology – LibreTexts
A Comprehensive Open-Source Textbook and Photographic Atlas for Botany / Plant Diversity and EcologyBIOLC-ID BIOL 155 Botany (Ha, Morrow, and Algiers) – LibreTexts; A Photographic Atlas for Botany (Morrow) – LibreTexts
OER Textbook with PowerPoint Lectures for Human AnatomyBIOLC-ID BIOL 110B. Isolating anatomy components of OpenStax text. Anatomy (OERI) – LibreTexts. Request access to anatomy PowerPoints.
OpenStax Microbiology Ancillaries        BIOLNo C-ID. Access OpenStax Microbiology Ancillaries in Canvas Commons.
Revise and Update an Existing OER textbook for Business Information Systems, Computer Information SystemsBUS/ITISC-ID BUS 140, C-ID ITIS 120 Information Systems for Business (Google Document). LibreTexts harvest requested.
OER Student Performance Assessments and Rubrics for Child Development and Early Childhood Education Courses  CDEV/ECEResources for the following C-ID courses: CDEV 100, CDEV 110, ECE 120, ECE 130, ECE 200, ECE 210, ECE 220, ECE 230. Request access to CDEV/ECE resources.
CC-BY OER in Spanish for the Teaching in a Diverse Society CourseECEC-ID ECE 230; Dimensiones de Diversidad en la Educación
Temprana (PDF)
. Harvest by LibreTexts requested.
Ancillary materials to complete the OER textbook How Arguments Work – A Guide to Writing and Analyzing Texts in College (Mills) – LibreTextsENGLC-ID ENGL 105
Overview and Access Directions for How Arguments Work Resources
A Comprehensive Open-Source Textbook for Intro to Environmental ScienceENVSC-ID ENVS 100
Environmental Science – LibreTexts
Manual for Physical Geography, Lab Course – Various FormatsGEOGC-ID GEOG 111
Manual for Physical Geography, Lab Course in Canvas Commons. Search: PHYS-GEOG-LAB. The associated author is Ray Waverly.
Geoscience Equity Opportunities for Students: Making the Earth Accessible through an OER Physical Geology Lab ManualGEOLC-ID GEOL 100L
GEOS – A Physical Geology Lab Manual for California Community Colleges (PDF)
GEOS – A Physical Geology Lab Manual for California Community Colleges (Word files)
The American Yawp – Ancillaries in CanvasHISTC-ID HIST 130/140 (American History) Request access to American Yawp resources.
Creation of Open Text Alternative for Intro to HospitalityHOSPC-ID HOSP 100
All Are Welcome: An Introduction to the Hospitality Industry – LibreTexts
Linux Instruction for New User Experience (LINUX) Project – Text for Systems and Network Administration      ITISC-ID ITIS 155
Linux – The Penguin Marches On – LibreTexts
Additional resources forthcoming.
Creating an OER Textbook and Canvas Course Shell for Information Literacy CoursesLIBRARYIntroduction to College Research (Butler, Sargent, and Smith, 2021) – Pressbooks; Ancillary Resources in Canvas Commons
Statistics for Social JusticeMATHC-ID MATH 110 – Statistics for Social Justice Studies – Canvas Commons
OER Textbook and an Online Diet Analysis Tool for Intro to Nutrition ScienceNUTRC-ID NUTR 110
Online Question Banks and Course Templates for OpenStax CCC Lower-Division Physics CoursesPHYSICSResources for the following C-ID courses: PHYS 105, 110, 205, 210, and 215. Find access information at the bottom of the OERI’s OER and Physics page.
Intro to Race and Ethnicity/Intro to Social Justice OER Textbook and AncillariesSOCI/SJSC-ID SOCI 150, C-ID SJS 110. Race and Ethnic Relations in the U.S.: An Intersectional Approach – LibreTexts
Elementary Spanish I and II – OER Ancillaries in the form of LibreTexts and H5PSPANC-ID SPAN 100, C-ID SPAN 110. OER Spanish Book – LibreTexts