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Finalized RFP I and II Resources – see below.
New – May 23 2021 – RFP III Funded Projects
RFP II Resources Under Review (soon to be updated)

In Spring of 2019, the ASCCC OERI selected its first round of funded OER projects. This short-term opportunity provided California Community College faculty with an opportunity to obtain funding for an OER project that would serve faculty (and students) across the state. As this was our first round of funding, a lot was learned from the endeavor and the lessons learned informed our work moving forward. If you have any questions about any of the projects, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Your questions – and feedback – are more than welcome. If you’d like to be informed when updates are made, please self-enroll in our Canvas resource. You will need to use your existing Canvas account (from one of our colleges) to enroll. In early 2020, a second group of projects was identified for funding. The products from these projects were due to be completed in December of 2020 and will be made available during the Spring 2021 term. As all products are subject to review, resources will be made available as they complete the review and revision process.

The information in these resources is intended solely for use by the user who accepts full responsibility for its use. Although the author(s) and the ASCCC OERI have made every effort to ensure that the information in this resource is accurate, openly licensed, and accessible at press time, the author(s) and the ASCCC OERI do not assume and hereby disclaim any liability to any party for any loss, damage, or disruption caused by errors or omissions, whether such errors or omissions result from negligence, accident, or any other cause.

Please bring direct any correspondence regarding these resources, including any errors and changes, to the attention of the Academic Senate of California Community Colleges OER Initiative via e-mail (


Available OER for anthropology were showcased in a webinar in December of 2020. Access the OER and Anthropology webinar archive.

Art History

  • C-ID ARTH 100 (Understanding Art/Art Appreciation) – An OER text to cover world art on a timeline from prehistoric to modern times with an emphasis on female artists. A World Perspective of Art Appreciation (Gustlin and Gustlin) is available in LibreTexts.
  • C-ID ARTH 110/ARTH 120 (Survey of Western Art) – Canvas shells populated with OER-text. Non-Western content to be integrated into courses. This project relies heavily on Smarthistory. Coming soon.
  • C-ID ARTH 110 – Glossary for SUNY’s “Art History and Appreciation I” that was developed by Lumen Learning. This Art History glossary is available in Canvas Commons. If the provided link does not work, please search “ASCCC” in Canvas Commons to find all ASCCC OERI resources.



C-ID BIOT 101X (Introduction to Biotechnology with Lab) – Introduction to Biotechnology is housed in LibreTexts where it can be accessed for review, use, and remixing.


C-ID CHEM 110/120 (General Chemistry for Science Majors) – Ancillaries for General Chemistry courses. The video mini lessons are available at 3C Media Solutions.

Communication Studies

C-ID COMM 120 (Argumentation or Argumentation and Debate) – A 12-chapter OER text-equivalent. Arguing Using Critical Thinking (Marteney) – LibreTexts.

Culinary Arts

Approximately 55 short videos (approximately 2-5 minutes each) where each of the foundational cooking methods or principles typically covered in a theory class are demonstrated. Foundational Cooking Methods (mp4); Foundational Cooking Methods with Michael Frigm on YouTube.

Early Childhood Education

C-ID ECE 200 (Observation and Assessment) – Creation of an OER text, in Spanish. Observando y Asesorando en Ambientes Educativos is available in Pressbooks.


C-D ECON 201 (Principles of Microeconomics); C-ID ECON 202 (Principles of Macroeconomics) – Development of Canvas modules to augment and update existing OER texts. This resource for economics is available in Canvas Commons.


English as a Second Language

Advanced Community College ESL Composition: An Integrated Skills Approach is available in Pressbooks or as a PDF for printing – This text is a transformation of Successful College Composition an OER text originally published in 2015 and intended for use in a course that is one level below English composition.


Italian-language ancillaries in the form of vocabulary, grammar, and culture activities. OER Italian 101 (First Semester Open Educational Resources 2.0) is available in Canvas Commons. If the provided link does not work, please search “ASCCC” in Canvas Commons to find all ASCCC OERI resources.


  • An openly licensed text for intermediate algebra – Intermediate Algebra for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics – While accessibility issues still need to be addressed, this resource is available for faculty consideration.
  • C-ID MATH 110 (Introduction to Statistics) – Statistics for Social Justice Studies – Coming Soon
  • C-ID MATH 110 – Accessible Tables – Under Development (January 2021)
  • C-ID MATH 150 (College Algebra for Liberal Arts) – Support course for college algebra with online textbook links, lecture videos, and online homework collection. Coming soon.
  • C-ID MATH 140 (Business Calculus) Co-requisite workbook for remediation of 10 primary algebra skills. 33 closed-captioned Learning Glass videos on algebra and calculus concepts. Coming soon.


C-D BUS 125 (Business Law) – An OER text-equivalent for Business Law/Organizations, Introduction to Law, and Legal Ethics. Accessibility and attributions still need to be addressed.


C-ID SOCI 110 (Introduction to Sociology) – Revise/Update Introduction to Sociology OER text originally developed by Ron Hammond and Paul Cheney of Utah Valley University in 2010. This sociology text is available in Canvas Commons. If the provided link does not work, please search “ASCCC” in Canvas Commons to find all ASCCC OERI resources.


C-ID 200 (Intermediate Spanish I) and 210 (Intermediate Spanish II) – Intermediate/Advanced Spanish Manual (Entrada Libre) is available in LibreTexts. Entrada libre is an intermediate/advanced college-level Spanish OER grammar manual for second language learners and heritage speakers of Spanish at the community college level.

 “X” associated with a C-ID designation indicates a course not designed for transfer.

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