ASCCC OERI RFP III (2021) Projects

Please find a searchable table of all OERI-supported resources at ASCCC OERI Supported Resources.

DisciplineTarget Course or CoursesProject Proposal Title
AnthropologyAnthropology elective courses focusing on magic, witchcraft, and religionUpdated version of “Beliefs: An Open Invitation to the Anthropology of Magic Witchcraft, and Religion” with new subchapters.
Art/Art HistoryC-ID ARTH 110Introduction to Art History I: An OER Textbook for Survey of Western Art from Prehistory through the Middle Ages
Art/Art HistoryC-ID ARTH 120A World Perspective of Art History: 1400 CE to the 21st Century
Child DevelopmentC-ID CDEV 110Child Family Community: The Socialization of Diverse Children
Communication StudiesC-ID COMM 150Intercultural Communication Instructor Resource Manual
CTE – VariousCTE health and safety coursesWorkplace Safety for US Workers-A Practical Guide For Understanding Health and Safety Programs for Skilled Labor Professionals Textbook and Workplace Safety for US Workers – Workbook
Early Childhood EducationInfant/Toddler Development and Infant/Toddler Care and Education.Infant and Toddler Care and Development
EnglishC-ID ENGL 100 and 105Updated version of How Arguments Work: A Guide to Writing and Analyzing Texts in College including a new teacher’s guide
ESLComprehensive ESL course – one-level below transferReading, Writing, Research, and Reasoning: An Advanced ESL Text
Flim, Television, and Electronic MediaC-ID FTVE 130 and 150Video Production Guide – An OER Resource for Beginning Single Camera Production and Beginning Motion Picture Production
French1st and 2nd semester FrenchElementary French I and II: Comprehensive OER for First-Year French in LibreTexts with H5P Ancillaries Unit 1-6; Elementary French I and II: Comprehensive OER for First-Year French in LibreTexts with H5P Ancillaries Unit 7-12
LibraryLibrary ServicesFoundations of Library Services Textbook 
PhysicsAstronomy and physicsOnline Question Banks and My Open Math Course Templates for Introductory Astronomy and Additional Online Questions and Features for Lower-Division Physics Courses – aligned to OpenStax texts. Access My Open Math resources for astronomy and physics at the bottom of the OERI’s OER and Physics page.
Political ScienceC-ID POLS 130Introduction to Comparative Government and Politics

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