Hospitality Management TMC and Open Educational Resources (DRAFT – not verified by Discipline Lead)

The following provides examples of existing OER that can be used for the indicated courses. Please find all potential OER identified for the discipline at Open Educational Resources and Hospitality Management and the available OER for all disciplines at OER by Discipline. The structure presented here aligns with the Hospitality Management TMC.

Required Core Course

Introduction to Hospitality (C-ID HOSP 100)

List A – Select 8-9 units (3 courses) from the following

Principles of Microeconomics (C-ID ECON 201)

Sanitation and Safety (C-ID HOSP 110)

Hospitality Cost Control (C-ID HOSP 120)

Introduction to Food and Beverage Management (C-ID HOSP 130)

    No resources identified.

Introduction to Hotel Management (C-ID HOSP 140)

Hospitality Law (C-ID HOSP 150)

Culinary Production and Operations (C-ID HOSP 160)

Lesson Plans

List B – Select 6-7 units (2 courses) from the following:

Financial Accounting (C-ID ACCT 110)

Business Law (C-ID BUS 125)

Introduction to Statistics (C-ID MATH 110)

Course Templates (Instructor account required)

Any lower division course articulated for the Hospitality Management degree at the CSU (3-4)

No resources identified.

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