Locally-Adopted OER-Related Resolutions

The ASCCC OERI encourages local senates to adopt resolutions supporting the use of OER. The ASCCC has adopted a number of resolutions about OER specifically and others related to reducing costs for students more generally. Please let us know if you have a resolution that should be included in our collection.

All colleges that received funds under AB 798 (a bill that required the establishment of the “Open Educational Resources Adoption Incentive Program”) should have a resolution to share as the adoption of one was required as explained in a Community College League of California OER document from 2015. AB 798 College Textbook Affordability Act of 2015, as codified in California Education Code (67424):

 (a) In order to participate in the program, the local academic senate of a campus of the California State University or the California Community Colleges shall do both of the following:(1) Adopt a local campus resolution to increase student access to high-quality open educational resources and reduce the cost of textbooks and supplies for students in course sections for which open educational resources are to be adopted to accomplish cost savings for students.

Resolutions Adopted by Local Faculty Senates

College of the Canyons OER Resolution

Rio Hondo College – Support Efforts to Increase Access for Students to OER

San Bernardino Valley College Textbook – Affordability and OER

Resolutions Adopted by Student Senates

College of the Canyons – A Resolution in Support of Open Textbooks

Resolutions and Policies Adopted by Boards of Trustees

West Hills CCD Board Policy


Advocacy to Promote Use of Open Education Resources Resolution (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) (link); Advocacy to Promote Use of Open Education Resources Resolution (NAACP) (PDF)

OER Policy State-by-State – SPARC

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