OER-Related ASCCC Resolutions

The ASCCC OERI encourages local senates to adopt resolutions supporting the use of OER. The ASCCC has adopted a number of resolutions about OER specifically and others related to reducing costs for students more generally. Local senates have adopted numerous resolutions that you can consider as you prepare to do the same at your college. Please let us know if you have a resolution that should be included in our collection.

ASCCC Resolutions – OERI, ZTC, and Course Materials More Generally – As of April 20, 2022.

2023/11/186.01 Recommendations for the Implementation of AB 607 (Kalra, 2023) Amendments to California Education Code §66406.92023-11-18 16:00:00
2023/11/187.02 Clarification of Licensing Requirement and Inclusion of CC BY-NC License in Procedures and Standards of the Board of Governors2023-11-18 13:00:00
2023/11/1817.01 Sustainability and Institutionalization of Zero-Textbook-Cost Pathway Efforts2023-11-18 12:00:00
2023/11/1817.02 Part-time Faculty Inclusion in OER and ZTC Pathways2023-11-18 11:00:00
2023/11/1820.02 Provide Student Access to Free Open Educational Course Resources2023-11-18 10:00:00
2023/04/226.01 Support AB 6072023-04-22 12:00:00
2023/04/2213.01 Low Textbook Cost Designation and Search in CVC Online Course Finder2023-04-22 11:00:00
2023/04/2213.06 Establishing Low-Cost Textbook Parameters2023-04-22 10:00:00
2022/11/057.04 Establishing an Effective and Sustainable Zero Textbook Cost Program2022-11-05 08:19:39
2022/11/057.08 Establishing Consistent Definitions for Course Resources2022-11-05 08:19:03
2022/11/057.09 Clarify Components of XB12, the Instructional-Material-Cost Section-Level Data Element2022-11-05 08:18:11
2022/11/059.01 Removing Barriers to the Adoption of Open Educational Resources2022-11-05 08:17:12
2022/11/0517.02 Textbook Automatic Billing Concerns2022-11-05 08:16:08
2022/11/0517.03 Using Zero Textbook Cost Funds to Support an Open Educational Resource/Zero Textbook Costs Faculty Coordinator2022-11-05 08:15:14
2022/11/0517.05 Adopt Student Senate for California Community Colleges Low-Cost Recommendation2022-11-05 08:14:01
2022/04/073.03 Oppose Reliance on Textbook Publishers to Achieve Zero Textbook Cost2022-04-07 10:53:04
2022/04/077.02 Ensure the Sustainability of the Zero-Textbook-Cost Degree Program2022-04-07 10:52:09
2022/04/0713.06 Faculty Responsibility for Confirming Course Resource Accuracy2022-04-07 10:50:54
2022/04/0713.08 The Open Educational Resources Initiative and Technical Assistance for the Zero-Textbook-Cost Degree Program2022-04-07 10:49:35
2022/04/0713.10 Student-Facing Zero-Textbook-Cost Information2022-04-07 10:48:45
2021/11/043.04 Develop Statewide Recommendation for Definition of Low-Cost Course Materials2021-11-04 12:58:03
2021/11/043.05 Zero Means Zero Textbook Cost2021-11-04 12:36:15
2021/11/047.01 System-Level Zero-Textbook-Cost Resources2021-11-04 12:34:54
2021/11/0417.01 Local Senate Policies Regarding Textbook Adoption2021-11-04 12:30:56
2021/04/159.05 Developing an Anti-Racism, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Curriculum Audit Process2021-04-15 11:18:39
2021/04/1511.02 Advocate for Development of a ZTC Data Element2021-04-15 11:17:28
2021/04/1511.03 Advocate for On-Going Funding for the ASCCC Open Educational Resources Initiative2021-04-15 11:16:07
2021/04/1511.04 Ensure Compliance with Required Instructional Materials Regulations2021-04-15 11:15:00
2021/04/1513.01 Institutionalizing Open Educational Resources2021-04-15 11:13:44
2020/11/059.01 Recommendations for the Implementation of a Zero Textbook Cost* (ZTC) Designation in Course Schedules2020-11-05 09:30:00
2020/11/0520.02 Ensure Course Cost Transparency for Students2020-11-05 09:15:00
2019/11/079.06 Consider Implications of Publisher-Developed Lower Cost “Inclusive Access” Strategies2019-11-07 09:13:00
2019/11/079.05 Provide Guidance with Respect to Ensuring Student Access to No-Cost Resources2019-11-07 09:11:00
2019/04/1113.02 Support for Faculty Open Educational Resources Coordinators2019-04-11 09:10:00
2019/04/1113.01 Develop Recommendations for the Implementation of a No-Cost Designation in Course Schedules2019-04-11 09:00:00
2019/04/119.05 Support the Development of Open Educational Resources (OER)2019-04-11 08:55:00
2019/04/119.03 Documenting Open Educational Resources Options in Course Outline of Record2019-04-11 08:40:00
2018/11/0117.02 Establish Local Open Educational Resources Liaisons2018-11-01 11:19:00
2017/11/0213.01 Recognition of Course Sections with Low-Cost Course Material Options2017-11-02 11:00:00
2017/04/2012.02 Support Use of Sabbaticals and Other Professional Development for Open Educational Resources Development2017-04-20 10:30:00
2016/04/2119.01 Support for Faculty Open Educational Resources Coordinators2016-04-21 10:20:00
2015/04/0913.03 Opposition to Compensation for Adoption of Open Educational Resources2015-04-09 10:17:00
2015/04/0916.01 Update the Paper Textbook Issues: Economic Pressures and Academic Values2015-04-09 10:15:00
2015/04/096.05 Support College Textbook Affordability Act2015-04-09 10:00:00
2012/11/0811.01 Pursue Statewide Open Educational Resources for Student Success2012-11-08 09:30:00
2010/04/1520.01 Textbooks2010-04-15 17:06:34