OER and the Child and Adolescent Development Transfer Model Curriculum

Indicated resources are samples. Find a complete curated collection at Open Educational Resources and CDEV/ECE (Child Development and Early Childhood Education). Please note that the structure presented here aligns with the Child and Adolescent Development TMC; local Associate Degrees for Transfer will be different as the TMC introduces flexibility in the core and beyond.

Required Core Courses (3 courses)

Child Growth and Development (C-ID CDEV 100)

Child Growth and Development (Zaar)  (CC BY-NC-SA)

Introductory Psychology (PSY 110)

Introduction to Statistics (MATH 110) or Introduction to Statistics in Sociology (SOCI 125) or another CSU transferable statistics course that has been approved for CSU GE Area B4 and is articulated as major preparation for the Child Development major.

Introductory Statistics (OpenStax); Introductory Statistics (OpenStax) – LibreTexts (CC BY 4.0)

List A – Select 3 courses from the following:

Introduction to Biology (Other Biology courses approved for CSU GE Area B2 may also be used to satisfy this requirement)

Concepts of Biology – OpenStax (CC BY)

A maximum of two courses not listed above that are articulated for lower division major preparation in the Child Development Major at a CSU.

None identified.

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