Open Educational Resources and CDEV/ECE (Child Development and Early Childhood Education)

The curated collection of OER provided below was developed by the ASCCC OERI CDEV/ECE Discipline Lead. If you are interested on how available OER might be used to develop an associate degree for transfer that is a zero textbook cost (ZTC) degree in either of these disciplines, please see:

Child Growth and Development (C-ID CDEV 100)

Child, Family, and Community (C-ID CDEV 110)

Principles and Practices of Teaching Young Children (C-ID ECE 120)

Introduction to Curriculum (C-ID ECE 130)

Observation and Assessment (C-ID ECE 200)

Practicum in Early Childhood Education (C-ID ECE 210)

Health, Safety, and Nutrition (C-ID ECE 220)

Teaching in a Diverse Society (C-ID ECE 230)

California Department of Education Resources

Additional OER Resources with no C-ID descriptor

Using an OER resource that is missing from the list above? If so, please let us know.

This page last updated February 5, 2024.