Open Educational Resources and the Elementary Teacher Education Transfer Model Curriculum

The following provides examples of existing OER that can be used for the indicated courses. Find the available OER for all disciplines at OER by Discipline. Please note that the structure presented here aligns with the Elementary Teacher Education TMC

Are you using OER for any of the courses where no resources have been identified? If so, please let us know what OER you are using – this resource is under development and will be updated as new resources are identified.

Required “Core” Courses:

Introduction to Elementary Classroom Teaching (EDUC 200)

Earth Science for Educators OR Earth Science with lab (GEOL 120 & 120L or GEOL 121)

Earth Science for Educators

Earth Science with Lab

Public Speaking (C-ID COMM 110)

College Composition (C-ID ENGL 100)

Physical Science for Educators

None identified

Or Survey of Physics and Chemistry (C-ID CHEM 140 or C-ID PHYS 140)

OER Textbooks

Additional OER for Chemistry 140

See Resources for all Chemistry Courses

Free Copyright-protected Resources for Chemistry 140

See Resources for all Chemistry Courses

Or Introduction to Chemistry & Introduction to Physics

Biology for Educators OR General Biology w/lab

Math for Elementary Teachers I (MATH 120)

World History to 1500 (C-ID HIST 150)

Introduction to Literature (C-ID ENGL 120)

See the C-ID English 110 list. As per the course description, C-ID English 110, Argumentative Writing and Critical Thinking Through Literature, is designed to include English 120 content.

World Regional Geography (C-ID GEOG 125)

Introduction to American Government and Politics (C-ID POLS 110)

US History to 1877 (C-ID HIST 130)

Child Growth and Development (C-ID CDEV 100)


Additional C-ID CDEV 100 Resources

List A – Select one from the following:

Any course articulated as fulfilling CSU GE A3 with Freshman Composition as a prerequisite.

List B – Select one from the following:

Understanding Art (ARTH 100)

Dance History and Appreciation or Introduction to Dance

  • No resources identified.

Music Appreciation (MUS 100)

  • No resources identified.

Introduction to Theatre (THTR 111)

  • No resources identified.

Survey of the Arts

Please visit the Art History and OER Discipline page for more details and descriptions for the resources listed below.

Surveys of Western Art I (Prehistory through the Middle Ages) (C-ID ARTH 110)

Surveys of Western Art II (Renaissance through Contemporary) (C-ID ARTH 120)

Survey of Asian Art (ARTH 130)

Grateful thanks to Ellen C. Caldwell for helping to compile the following resources:

List C – Up to 12 additional units from the following:

Any course(s) not selected above, and/or any courses that are lower preparation for the targeted major at a university. 

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