ASCCC OERI – Identified Gaps in OER Availability

While the OERI has focused on simplifying the identification of available OER for courses commonly taught in the California Community Colleges, after almost five years of working on identifying and developing OER (see ASCCC OERI Supported Resources), developing a comprehensive list of areas where OER are lacking is appropriate. Please see OER by Discipline, OER Resources by CSU GE, and OER Resources by TMC to view the OERI’s curated collections. It should be noted that identified OER for a given course may not meet the needs of all faculty. Please direct any questions, comments, and/or suggestions to the general OER email.

California State University General Educational Areas Lacking OER

Using only courses with C-ID designations that commonly fulfill general education requirements, the only general education area that does not appear to be well served is the new general educational area, Area F (Ethnic Studies). As OER for courses that fill this requirement are identified the OER Resources by CSU GE page will be updated.

Courses Specified in Transfer Model Curricula Lacking OER

In a statewide effort to simplify transfer, faculty from the California Community Colleges and the California State University collaborated to develop a transfer model curriculum (TMC) for common transfer majors. Each TMC establishes a structure for the major component of an Associate Degree for Transfer. For most of the required courses in a TMC there is a Course Identification Numbering System (C-ID) descriptor that delineates the critical components of the course. It should be noted that some TMCs allow for a wide variety of elective courses that may not be served by OER.

At present, most analyses are subject to Discipline Lead review. Analyses that have been review are indicated with an asterisk. “No gaps identified” means that an ADT can be developed using available OER.

Available Transfer Model Curricula

*Administration of Justice

List “B” – Choose any two of the following courses (5/7 options have OER)

Agriculture Business

No analysis conducted.

Agriculture Plant Sciences

No analysis conducted.


While OER are available to meet the “List A” requirements of the TMC, Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology (3) (C-ID ANTH 130) is a specified option for which no OER have been identified.

Art History

List A – Select one from the following (2/4 options have OER)

  • Art of the Ancient Americas (C-ID ARTH 145)
  • Any CSU transferable non-western art history course

List B – Select one from the following


No gaps identified.

Business Administration

No gaps identified.


No gaps identified.

Child and Adolescent Development

No gaps identified.

*Communication Studies

List B – Select two of the following

Any List A course not used above, any course that has articulation as lower division major preparation for the communication studies major at a CSU. (6/7 specified courses in List B have OER identified)

Introduction to Reporting and Newswriting or Introduction to Journalism (C-ID JOUR 110)

Computer Science

No gaps identified.

Early Childhood Education (ECE)

No gaps identified.


No gaps identified.

Elementary Teacher Education

List B – Select one (5/8 options have OER)

  • Dance History and Appreciation or Introduction to Dance
  • Music Appreciation (C-ID MUS 100)
  • Introduction to Theatre (C-ID THTR 111)


List A – Select two (7/8 options have OER)

Survey of Literature in English 3 (C-ID ENGL 155)

List C – Select one (electives – many options)

Environmental Science

No analysis conducted.

Film, Television and Electronic Media

No analysis conducted.


List A – Select 6-7 units (5/6 option have OER)

California Geography (C-ID GEOG 140) (Development funded as part of RFP V, resource to be available for adoption by Fall 2024.)


Historical Geology with Lab (C-ID GEOL 111)

  • While resources for both the lecture and the lab have been identified, the text identified for the lecture component of the course is not comprehensive enough to be the only text for the course.

Global Studies

No analysis conducted.


Area 1 – Any Diversity Course (extensive list of options)
Non-Western History Course (CSU GE Area C or D)

*Hospitality Management

Any lower division course articulated for the Hospitality Management degree at the CSU (3-4)


No analysis conducted (under development, January 2023)


No analysis conducted (under development, January 2023)

Law, Public Policy, and Society

No analysis conducted.


No gaps identified.


No analysis conducted.

Nutrition and Dietetics

No analysis conducted.


Introduction to Social and Political Philosophy (elective option).


No gaps identified.

*Political Science

Introduction to the Politics of Race and Gender (C-ID POLS 170) (elective option)


No gaps identified.

Public Health Science

No analysis conducted (under development, January 2023)

Social Justice Studies

While all specified courses do have OER options, resources for other TMC components may be needed (e.g., Courses with articulation as major preparation for a major the TMC is intended to serve).

Social Work and Human Services

No analysis conducted.


No gaps identified.


  • Intermediate Spanish II (C-ID SPAN 210) or Spanish for Heritage Speakers II (C-ID SPAN 230) – A combination of resources may be needed to meet C-ID descriptor.
  • Any course articulated as major preparation for the Spanish major (elective)

Studio Arts

Webpage needs to be created

Theatre Arts

No analysis conducted

*Discipline Lead has reviewed.

This page last updated April 3, 2023.